Homeless and unwanted his whole life, he meets his biological sister. Then he meets her family

August 15, 2017 1:17 pm Last Updated: October 3, 2017 11:26 am


Seth Miller from Rockwell, Texas was put up for adoption as a toddler and placed with a family. It was an awful experience, a failed adoption, and he was later removed and put into foster care.

He spent the next decade in and out of foster homes, struggling to make the best of the empty feelings that ate away at him over the years.

Aged Out And Left On His Own

At 19 years old, he aged out of the adoption system while he was still in high school, and he was left to his own means to survive.

When asked in an interview with USA TODAY about how he felt at that time, Seth answered, “Empty, alone, nowhere to kind of fit in, just an everyday kind of life. Nothing to look forward to.”

Homeless And Still Hoping To Belong To A Family

Multiply those feelings with the added stress of being homeless, and you have a young man who is at the highest risk of so many of the potential pitfalls in life. He was living in his car, trying to finish high school, and wishing for one thing and one thing only—a family.

When questioned about what he would do to obtain that wish, Seth replied, “Even if I have to live in a box…”

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle for Seth.

Little did Seth know at the time just how close he was to make that wish become a reality. His Court-Appointed Special Advocate began looking through his files and found the family that had adopted his biological sister Shyann Hunt. She called the parents.

Although the family was initially hesitant to meet with Seth, since they knew nothing about him, they eventually heard his story on a local television station and agreed to meet. That’s when everything changed.

Reuniting And Meeting His Sister’s Adopted Family

Shyann and her family invited Seth to Thanksgiving, and he took them up on it. The reunion with his biological sister was a dream fulfilled for both of the parted siblings after so many years.

But Seth also fell in love with his sister’s adopted family, and they with him. So much so, they invited him to become a part of their family. Yes, they wanted to adopt him.

“It felt strong. It felt in place. It felt…home,” described Seth.

Loved Back And Making It Official

Fast forward one year later, and the family, all of them, were standing together in a court room making that adoption official.

His new dad told the presiding judge in an emotionally shaky voice, “I loved him since I first saw him in an interview. I knew he was a part of our family. We’re just doing this to make it legal, and I’m proud of him.”

Seth was visually emotional at those words.

A New Life, a New Name

With that, Seth’s dream of belonging to a family of his own came true, giving him a fresh start on a completely new life. That life started with one more official proclamation.

Seth Miller changed both his first and last name, taking the last name of his new family and choosing a new first name for his new life. Seth was now Logan Hunt, a moving and symbolic gesture of shedding the old and bringing in the new.