A Nation Divided

Poem by an American Patriot
A Nation Divided
The Reader's Turn

Poem by an American Patriot

We pledge our loyalty to America,

we hail the symbol of our foundation,

but do we truly understand this promise

represented by the courage of past generations?

We were founded on a principle

that freedom was the only course,

the colonies fought against a monarch,

a republic was their enacted force.

But just like Rome and other nations,

we’ve come to a critical decision:

Will righteousness be our guiding light,

or will corruption ruin our nation?

Americans, do you truly realize

the course our federation has taken?

Some people that represent us,

have taken us to a divided nation.

A divided nation will not stand,

the way of immorality shall bring an end.

The future of our shining nation.

is held by the God-fearing people within.

If righteousness doesn’t exalt our nation,

you'll one day begin to recall

it started when we shirked our duty,

which led our country on its downward fall.

Take a moment and carefully contemplate

all the privileges you were given.

May the God of heaven strengthen you

to exercise your vote for a godly nation.

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