China Quarantines Two More Cities in Attempt to Stem Coronavirus Outbreak
Chinese officials quarantined three cities that have more than 18 million residents combined in an attempt to curb ...
letter from reader

Your News Is Always Timely, Well Written and Very Informative

Dear Editor,

As a retired educator and a daily reader of the printed press, I was curious after a life long friend told me to try EPOCH. I did, and am very pleased with the result. I receive your electronic edition every morning (to start my day) and find it very easy to read as well as easy to navigate.

Most important, your news is always timely, well written and very informative. Articles cover many topics and areas. If there is a subject that is not my interest, it is skipped to be read later.

Since an editorial is an opinion, I just had to give you mind.

Thank you.

A happy subscriber,
Art M.

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