Virginia Gun Rally Ends With One Arrest, Peaceful Demonstrations
Thousands of gun-rights activists and other groups amassed at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond on Monday before the ...
letter from reader

We Are Thrilled

Epoch Times,

Thank you! We got our first paper edition last week and we are thrilled for the chance to get news without sensation, bias or hyper-focused agendas. For years I’ve been frustrated not knowing HOW to get the news for our family (and even more frustrated at how the majority of people get their news from social media alone).

The first edition was thorough, informative, and thought provoking. I can now, with peace and confidence, assign articles to my homeschooled kiddos to read and summarize back to us. I know they will be accurately informed and have the space to form their own thoughts on the topics as well.

My 13 year old son’s favorite article was on the BORSTAR team, my husband really appreciated the whole Opinion section, and I wish I could pass out to all my friends and their children “Harmful Ideas That Weaken Generation Z”. This is all such good, thought-provoking information that we can discuss and learn about together.

(We will happily ignore the formatting error with the title on A3 in the wrong place )

Thank you!!!!

Randi R.

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