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ACLU Sues Biden Administration Over Border Asylum Restrictions

The lawsuit alleges that the president’s actions differ little from that of the Trump administration.

Children Suffer ‘Routine’ Abuse at Residential Treatment Centers, Senate Finds

Children were regularly subjected to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, a committee investigation found.

Transgender Swimmer Loses Bid to Overturn Ban on Men in Elite Women’s Sports

Ahead of the Olympics, Lia Thomas’s challenge in an international court to access all-women’s sports in elite competitions has been declined.

Southern Baptists Vote on Women Pastors Rule, Reject Use of IVF

Both measures appear aimed at shoring up the conservative theological and social stance of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.

House Votes to Hold AG Garland in Contempt of Congress

House Republicans sought audio tapes of the president’s interviews with special counsel Hur. Biden has invoked executive privilege over the tapes.