Freecell Solitaire


FreeCell Solitaire Online

FreeCell Solitaire is played on a green tableau and has piles numbered from 1 to 8. The first four piles start with 7 cards each, and the rest of the piles have 6 cards each. The two empty areas on the tableau are called the Foundation (upper right) and Free Cells (upper left). The green background is a nostalgic reminder of Windows 7.

How To Play FreeCell Solitaire

To win FreeCell Solitaire you must move one or more cards from the piles onto the Foundation. The cards in the Foundation are put in order by their suit and rank. The order in which you must move them to the Foundation is Ace, 1, 2, 3, … J, Q, K. After you collect the cards correctly, they’ll move to the corner of the screen.