Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire Online

Classic Solitaire is a universally beloved game for all age groups. Since making its way into computer games, its popularity has grown for its challenging yet relaxing attributes. You can play this game online, with the option of choosing difficulty from drawing one or three cards. Enjoy competing against others or improving your own high score.  

How To Play Classic Solitaire

Before playing, choose the difficulty of the game: draw one or three cards—three ups the challenge, while one is more suitable for beginners. Begin the game by flipping a card to reveal its value. To progress, click and drag a card onto another of an opposite suit and color, ensuring it's one rank lower (e.g., a five onto a six), with aces low and kings high. Draw more cards by clicking the deck in the upper left. Aces can be added to the foundations in the upper right by dragging or double-clicking, starting the foundation piles. Place kings onto empty spaces, as they sit at the bottom of any new foundation stacks. The goal is to fill the four foundation stacks by suit in ascending order from ace to king.