A History Of The American Nation

A patriotic poem by Ted Schneider
A History Of The American Nation
The Reader's Turn
 From discovery and colonization, a Nation was born,
It’s now finding itself years later beginning to mourn.
As generations have passed and to the government they would abide,
Just as the oceans wash its shores with the ebb and flow of the tide!
The Manifesto of Freedom, a declaration to defy king and crown
Challenged a tyrannical ruler with much more than a scornful frown.
A higher authority granted liberty through natural rights
Inspired its people to be a Nation and take up the fight!
With an agrarian beginning, many would plow and work the soil
Under the motto E. PLURIBUS UNUM they would sweat and toil.
It was from “sea to shining sea” that moved the Nation west,
With lands providing many an opportunity to be their best.
The institution of slavery was the Nation’s mar
Despite its costly eradication, it left it with a scar!
Recent generations have viewed the Constitution
As something archaic, and in need of substitution.
Religion, Rule of Law and freedoms are left to decay
As diversity and social engineering now rule the day!
Currency and coinage have traditionally displayed “In God We Trust”
But is eclipsed by political correctness, leaving the motto in the dust.
Lady Liberty is the Nation’s moniker holding her torch so bright,
She stands at the door of a Nation’s setting sun with diminishing light!
If she could look over her shoulder and do an about-face
She would be so dismayed, hanging her head in disgrace.
Patriotic observances preceding sports events have become something to eschew
As the National Anthem is compromised trying to respect the red, white and blue.
Thomas Paine wrote of our fledging Nation:  “These are the times that try men’s souls.”
So today our Nation and its leaders must define and restore our Founder’s goals!
Ted Schneider Florida
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