Blind groom gets a chance to see his wife walk down the aisle—15 years later

August 4, 2017 6:53 pm Last Updated: August 4, 2017 6:53 pm

After losing a battle with a rare eye disease that began in his teens, one man tragically lost his ability to see. Not only did he lose the privilege of seeing his wife walk down the aisle, but also the chance to watch as his three daughters grew up around him.

But now, with a little help from science, he got his sight back, as well as one more chance to relive his special day!

Andrew Airey, 37, from Conway, New Hampshire is legally blind.


“I was starting to get these blind spots, so we went for a myriad of tests,” Airey said according to MSN News. “They said I got an eye disease, and it’s progressing fast.”

Airey was diagnosed with Stargardt Disease, a rare and degenerative eye condition that causes vision loss over time. Though he tried fighting the disease, treatments failed to halt or slow the effects, and it soon left him without vision.

After that, both big and small adjustments had to be made. Airey had to give up driving, and his sales job, but he was also unable to shave himself in the morning—worse, with his wedding coming up, he was unable to watch his wife, Kelli, walk down the aisle.

Right before his 15th wedding anniversary, everything changed.


Tech company eSight approached the couple and gave them a special gift: a pair of their new electronic glasses. The glasses use a camera and a handheld control panel that projects video into two small LED screens in front of the eyes. They allowed Airey not only to see again, but to also control and fine tune his vision for his eyes personally.

But eSight was not finished. To celebrate the Airey couple’s anniversary, they even recreated the entire wedding ceremony, right down to the smallest detail.

“Celebrating 15 years of marriage with our second wedding is the perfect way to start fresh,” Kelli in a YouTube video by eSight. “I couldn’t be more excited that your new glasses will give you back the ability to see the things you’ve missed for so long. And I can’t wait to watch you see the many details of our daily adventures with our family.”

The couple was overwhelmed with the experience.

(YouTube/Screenshot, Airey’s wife, as seen through his new eyes)

The Aireys were touched by eSight’s generosity and excited to begin their lives again. To celebrate their good fortune, instead of a wedding registry, they decided to raise and donate money to other people affected by blindness.

They hoped that through their generosity others suffering from blindness could buy a pair of electronic glasses for themselves and hopefully regain their sight.

Watch the wedding, with video from Andrew’s perspective below:

To donate or host a fundraiser to give eSight glasses to others, visit this website.