Bedridden woman was not feeling well—but who was in has us all crying

January 10, 2018 6:00 pm Last Updated: January 10, 2018 8:11 pm

Being sick is never fun. As children, the only positives of coming down with an illness are the respite from school and getting doted on by a parent for a few days. When people get older, however, those positives aren’t even a factor anymore and instead being sick means delaying critical work and errands.

In most cases as adults, parents aren’t even around to make the recovery process more bearable, not to mention providing a hot bowl of chicken soup.

For a 76-year-old grandmother, a recent condition left her bedridden and not feeling her best. Still, with some family members surrounding her, she was enjoying their company and trying to keep her spirits up.

She never expected the surprise that was in store for her.

(Callistus T.A Chukwu/Facebook Video Screenshot)

In the middle of the day, the grandmother was drinking some ginger ale when a commotion got her attention. She looked around to see her family members fussing around with something outside.

The grandmother was confused at what was going on.

Craning her neck and trying to get a good look, she had no idea that in only a few moments she’d be overwhelmed with joy.

“Look who’s here Grandma!” a grandchild exclaimed proudly.

(Callistus T.A Chukwu/Facebook Video Screenshot)

Finally, through the front door, a very special and dear person walked in.

“Oh!” the grandmother exclaimed, setting her drink down. “Mom!?”

Indeed, it was her 97-year-old mother who’d come to visit!

Holding a hand up to cover her shocked mouth, the grandmother warmly welcomed her own mother with a long and emotional hug. It wasn’t long before both women were in tears.

“I love you,” her mother said to her.

“I love you too, mom,” the grandmother replied.

(Callistus T.A Chukwu/Facebook Video Screenshot)

The two embraced for a short time, kissing and saying they loved each other over and over. The mother and daughter had clearly been missing each other greatly after not seeing each other for a year, according to Little Things.

The video of the reunion has amassed 13 million views on Facebook, along with hundreds of thousands of shares, with many people commenting on its beauty and a welcome change of pace from what has come to be expected. Some commenters even launched into personal stories, detailing their love for their own family members.  

These two unidentified women have touched and impacted an unimaginable number of stranger’s lives in a positive way. Thanks to the video, many people will be giving their parents an extra special hug and thanking them for all that they do. 

Watch the original video below: