Army Vet is Paddleboarding 750 Miles in Race to Alaska

May 29, 2018 Last Updated: May 29, 2018

A filmmaker based in Addison, Texas is about to embark on a remarkable journey. He’s going to film one veteran’s attempt to conquer hundreds of miles of cold, choppy, ocean waters, on a paddleboard.

Matthew JC, president of RedLux Productions, recently talked about his upcoming project called Operation Torrent.

“Delta Force Veteran, Josh Collins, is going to compete in what is called the Race to Alaska, one of the craziest waterway races in the world, and he’s doing this all for veterans’ suicide,” said JC.

48-year-old Collins is attempting to raise over $3 million for 14 partner charities to help stop the suicides of veterans.

The 750-mile Race to Alaska begins on June 14th from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska. Collins will participate in the race on a stand-up paddleboard.

“A lot of the other racers are going to be in 2-men, 4-men, 6-men catamarans, sailboats, where they are using there own body power as well as the wind,” said JC. “[Josh] is going to do this on his own, in his own crazy way.”

Collins will have the opportunity to fish and hunt, even on land, along the way to gather food. He will also pack lightweight, calorie-dense snacks in his supply bags.

Members of the RedLux film crew will follow Collins in the boat during his race all the way. They will have to endure similar circumstances as the rest of the racers, such as grizzly bears along the shore, orcas during mating season, a variety of weather concerns, and 5-20 foot ocean waves.

“I can’t lie, I was the first person that was nervous about this,” said JC. “But I am supporting Josh.”

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