Danielle Brisebois: Who’s That Lady… Nominated for an Oscar Alongside Gregg Alexander

January 19, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

DANIELLE BRISEBOIS?  WHO THE HECK IS SHE?  Well, let’s keep it real and not act like most of us don’t know who she is, or at least didn’t know until the film Begin Again launched her resounding music collaboration with our beloved Gregg Alexander.  For this we do apologize Miss Danielle. Or at least I do.  I myself will be the first to admit that I have been remiss as I have reveled girlishly over Gregg Alexander’s new found glory.  Yet the truth of the matter remains that our beloved Gregg did not do this alone.  “This” being the creation of the Oscar nominated tune Lost Stars. Moreover, Brisebois also co-wrote other tunes from the Begin Again soundtrack including Coming Up Roses and Step You Can’t take back.

But wait a minute…  let’s backtrack.  I did (past tense) know who she was.  I simply didn’t know who she grew up to be.  For those of us old enough to remember –  Ms. Brisebois was that adorable little girl who portrayed Stephanie, a distant and removed member of Edith Bunkers side of the family on the popular television sitcom All In The Family.  Say What!?  Yes, that was her!



Little Danielle Brisebois as Stephanie in the 70s sitcom All In The Family

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After All In The Family Brisebois moved on to appear in a host of other popular television series including, The Love Boat, Hotel, Knots Landing, Mr. Belvedere,  and Murder She Wrote.  But it seems evident Brisebois’ passion was not in film, but in music.  

Not unlike Gregg Alexander, Brisebois as well has been recognized by her peers in the music industry, but has failed to become a household name. Brisebois was indeed one of the members of Gregg Alexanders’ The New Radicals. She recorded two solo albums back in the 90s, Arrive All Over You (which was successful in Europe)  and Portable Life.  She also collaborated on Natasha Beningfield’s hits Unwritten and Pocketful of Sunshine


Danielle and Gregg – Oscar nominated songwriters extraordinaire.

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Video of Danielle performing a cover of Gimme Little Sign with Gregg On Guitar – taken from Danielle’s 1994 Album  – Arrive All Over You.  The tune was originally sung by Brenton Wood in 1967, but in this version you can clearly hear Gregg’s signature orchestration.


Her collaboration with Gregg began in 1992 when she sang back-up vocals on Gregg’s Intoxifornication album, and finally in 1998 Brisebois joined The New Radicals.

Fast-forwarding 17 years,  did Danielle and Gregg ever see this coming… an Oscar nomination for their original work? Great balls of fire.  This lends validity to the old adage that nothing good comes easy.  The greatest artists and visionaries throughout history have all had to pay their dues. Both Gregg and Danielle have been at this since their childhood years, and I’m tinkled pink over this time in the spotlight for them.  Anyone looking to keep up with Danielle Brisebois from here on in can click on to her site – here

Yes, in all of the Gregg Alexander revelry we do not wish to be remiss and leave you standing by the wayside with all of the years of effort you put into your craft Ms. Brisebois.   You’ve got a new one year old baby with your husband Nick Lashley and you’re nominated for an Oscar.  Bravo. Life doesn’t get much better than this.  We so wish you the best.  Win or lose – enjoy this time! From here on in I won’t be cheering GREGG!  I’ll be cheering DANIELLE AND GREGG!!!

We’re in your corner too Danielle. Go get your Oscar girl!



“When All Is Said And Done… You’ll Go To The Movies”  –  JWL

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