People ignored woman on train trying to sell flowers—but then man says something—she starts crying

October 23, 2017 1:04 pm Last Updated: October 23, 2017 1:04 pm

There’s little you can’t find on a New York City subway—tourists and residents from every nation, performers and panhandlers alike, stories of every sort.

On one random commute, Youtube user Roman Soldier saw a woman board the train through the door beside where he was sitting, hands on a cart full of dyed roses. She made her sales pitch to the train car full of mostly disinterested people, as usual, when a man in a suit approached and asked her about the prices.

“They’re a dollar each or $11 for a dozen,” she told him.

“I’ll give you $140 for the bunch,” he said.

“Sorry?” she asked. “$140?”

She clearly thought he was kidding, and then started laughing at him. But as he pulled out several bills from his pocket, she realized he was serious—and he had one request.

“You’ve got to give them out. Just give them out today; it’s a nice day to be nice,” he said. “Don’t sell any of them, just give them all away.”

Touched by his sincerity, she started crying.

“Promise me you’ll give them out?” he asked, before getting off at his stop.

“I promise,” she answered through tears. Moments after the man had left the train, she was still crying, as the Youtuber caught on camera. And then she composed herself and made her sales pitch again.

“For anybody who wants a rose, come and get one,” she said. “Free roses!”