Video shows brave police officer calming down man with knife and hugging him

June 22, 2017 1:13 pm Last Updated: June 22, 2017 1:13 pm


In an incident that could have ended in a shooting, a police officer in Thailand chose instead to kill with kindness, more specifically, “a big Thai bear hug.”

The incident occurred at the Huay Kwang police station in Bangkok this past Saturday night, in which a 45-year-old man seen with a knife threatened the officers. One of the officers, Anirut Malee, however, saw to it that the incident did not become any worse than it needed to be.

Using a calm voice and body language, he was able to convince the armed man to give him the knife by talking him down. Notably enough, he was able to do this while sitting down.

The unnamed man calmed down soon enough, and the sympathetic police officer then proceeded to give him a hug. Eventually, Anirut got to know the assailant and learned of his troubled past.

According to the Daily Mail, Anirut later explained that, “He used to be a musician but had been working as a security guard for three days and had not been paid. On top of this he had had his guitar stolen and it was all stressing him out. I heard him out and sympathized and said I had a guitar to give him, and suggested we go out for a meal together. We were conversing in Southern Thai dialect.”

Reportedly, no charges were filed against the man. He was also reportedly sent to a hospital to evaluate his mental health.

Watch the video below.

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