Shelter volunteer hopes husband won’t be mad as pregnant dog gives birth in Mercedes

August 25, 2017 2:42 pm Last Updated: August 25, 2017 2:42 pm


How would you like it if instead of giving birth in a hospital or your home, you had to give birth in a dark and dingy cell? For some pregnant dogs who find themselves in a shelter, that’s their reality.

When Jennifer Taylor, a volunteer at an animal shelter in South Texas, came across a pregnant pooch, she didn’t want the dog to have to give birth in such a grim place.

Taylor volunteers her time at a local animal shelter by taking photos of the animals and showing them to rescue groups, in hopes that they’ll want to take the animal in. One day Taylor came across a pregnant husky.

Taylor spends her time helping dogs at a local animal shelter.

(Facebook/Texas Sled Dog Rescue)

Taylor was able to confirm that the dog, named Debbie, was pregnant, however since the dog had a “small belly” no one thought she was far along. But volunteers would soon find out how wrong they were.

“My first thought was, ‘Oh no, not now! A shelter is no place to have puppies. This is not good timing, mamma, you’re supposed to hold them in until you get to your foster home.'” Taylor told The Dodo.

She came across a pregnant dog and decided she shouldn’t have to give birth at a shelter.

(Facebook/Texas Sled Dog Rescue)

As Taylor was in the process of getting Debbie ready to go live with a foster family three hours away, Debbie went into labor.

Since it was no longer possible to get Debbie to her foster family, Taylor made a quick decision and decided she would take her in temporarily. The only issue was that Taylor had driven her husband’s car to the animal shelter that day—a Mercedes—and he had a “no dogs” policy.

According to The Dodo, Taylor has fostered several hundred dogs over the years, and because she always seemed to be shuttling dogs back and forth, her husband bought her an SUV specifically for the dogs.

“I have a husky giving birth in the back of my car. Please don’t tell my husband.”

(Facebook/Texas Sled Dog Rescue)

Since she had no other option and time was of the essence, Taylor took Debbie and two puppies she had already given birth to and put them in her husband’s Mercedes. She quickly snapped a photo of Debbie and the puppies and captioned it, “I have a husky giving birth in the back of my car. Please don’t tell my husband.”

“I drove as fast as I could, juggling driving and trying to monitor her,” Taylor said.

Thankfully Debbie waited until she reached her temporary home before giving birth to any more puppies. Once they got back to Taylor’s home, Debbie gave birth to six more puppies.

In total, Debbie had eight puppies.

(Facebook/Texas Sled Dog Rescue)

The rescue group, Texas Sled Dog Rescue, Taylor worked with to find Debbie and her puppies a foster home shared dozens of photos of the happy family. Once the family, which was nicknamed “Debbie and the Big Bang Family,” was healthy enough—sadly one of the smallest puppies died—they were transported to live with a foster family.

Now, Debbie and her puppies are looking for their fur-ever homes. If you are interested in fostering or adopting any of the puppies you can look here.

(Facebook/Texas Sled Dog Rescue)