Man sends out request on Twitter for birthday drinks—hilariously does not go as planned

September 21, 2017 1:04 pm Last Updated: September 21, 2017 1:04 pm


The Internet can be a great tool, especially when you’re looking for some help. But sometimes it does not turn out the way you thought. Just ask a man named Rory and his friend, Nick.

Rory asked his Twitter followers to send Nick—the birthday boy—some drinks at the bar they were at. And boy did they deliver.

Rory reached out to his followers to help his friend celebrate his birthday.

Rory and Nick were out celebrating at Wetherspoons in Sheffield, UK, when one of them got the bright idea to ask Twitter to buy Nick drinks. The guys were hoping that a few people might use the pub’s app and remotely order them a beer or two.

The reaction to the tweet was something more hilarious than either of them could have predicted. While complete strangers did buy Nick drinks—and food!—it was far from the type of pub fare they were expecting.

Twitter delivered, just not in the way Rory and Nick expected—nonalcoholic drinks anyone?


The first drink someone ordered for Nick was a non-alcoholic beer—not everyone’s first choice of drink at a pub. Then an entire round of milk appeared…


Then a plate of peas showed up at the guys’ table.

Someone was nice enough to send along a bowl of ice cream and a bottle of Prosecco sparkling wine. But that was the end of the “normal” orders.


Juice, fried onions…and more milk?

With each bizarre drink and food item they received, Rory took a picture and posted it on Twitter, questioning who sent it. That only made matter worse, or funnier, depending on how you look at it.

Eventually it was time for Rory and Nick to leave the pub. It’s unclear whether they had enough milk and peas or if they truly wanted to call it a night.

At least it was memorable!

Cheers to the birthday boy!