Son screaming in pain but family stuck inside from snow—then who shows up, mom was desperate

January 25, 2018 9:23 am Last Updated: January 25, 2018 9:23 am

Nothing is more frightening to a parent than when their child is sick. You’ll do anything to make your kid feel better and ease their discomfort—so it can be scary when you realize there’s nothing you can do.

That was the case for one mother who was unable to leave the house to pick up her son’s much-needed medicine—until a call for help brought an everyday hero to her door.

Last Wednesday, many families in the Metro Atlanta area were stuck in their homes due to hazardous, icy road conditions. That included Lindsay Fulcher, a mother of three—and her 3-year-old son Bobby, who suffers from a genetic disorder called 3p Deletion Syndrome.

“He is missing 111 genes off of his third chromosome,” Fulcher explained to FOX 5 News.

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As a result of the disorder, Bobby is “under-sensitive,” meaning he doesn’t feel as much pain as other kids his age—so when Bobby began crying, they knew something was seriously wrong.

“When he’s crying he’s in pain,” Fulcher explained.

It turns out Bobby had developed a bad sore throat and ear ache, and was badly suffering.

And the timing couldn’t have been worse: with roads frozen up from storms, Fulcher wouldn’t be able to get to the store to pick up medicine.

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But the mother knew she couldn’t let her son suffer in pain until the roads cleared up—she was forced to come up with a creative solution.

So she went on Facebook—and sent a message to the local police department, asking for their help.

She asked the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office if an officer could pick up the antibiotics from the local Kroger, or alternatively pick her up and give her a ride to the store.

“This kid is miserable and screaming,” Fulcher wrote.

“You can always say no but I’m desperate right now.”

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At the station, the message was received by Sgt. Ashley Henson, who serves as both the public information officer and social media manager for the department.

And, as a father of two sons, Sgt. Henson didn’t think twice about how to respond.

“I knew from having children myself that when you need medicine for your child it’s a necessity,” he told FOX 5.

“It was something I was glad to do and I’m glad it helped little Bobby.”

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Henson, in his own SUV, headed out into the snowy, icy roads, stopped at the Kroger and was on his way to the Fulcher residence.

He was greeted by an extremely grateful family—who even took a selfie with the day’s hero.

“He’s literally taking the term serve and protect and he’s serving,” Fulcher said. “He’s putting the community above himself.”

There are no words to explain how grateful we are.”

(Facebook/Lindsay Low Fulcher)

And three-year-old Bobby was also grateful, and thanked the officer in a video. Bobby is better at using gestures than words, but said thank you in sign language:

Special needs child thanks Paulding County deputy

Sgt. Ashley Henson came to the rescue of an ice-bound family unable to get their son his ear-infection antibiotics. Wait till you see how the little boy thanks this hero officer. Read more here:

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Paulding County Sheriff Seargent Comes To Rescue of Special Needs Boy

A Paulding County family with a special needs child is very thankful to a Seargent with Paulding County Sheriff's who came to their rescue on Wednesday.Like hundreds of thousands of others in Metro Atlanta, Lyndsay Fulcher and family were trapped were trapped in their home because the roads were icy and treacherous.One of her three children is three year old Bobby."He is missing 111 genes off of his third chromosome," said Fulcher She said the rare genetic disorder known as 3p Deletion Syndrome reveals itself more prominently when Bobby is hurting.It happened Wednesday when icy roads stranded the family with bobby suffering from an excruitiating sore throat and ear ache.Unable to drive to pick up Bobbys medicine Lyndsay Fulcher sent a Facebook message to the Paulding County Sheriff's Office."He doesn't feel pain like other kids he's undersensitive so when he's crying he's in pain," said Fulcher.Sgt Ashley Henson who monitors social media for the Paulding County Sheriff's Office read the Facebook message."Question, since it's not safe to get out on the roads would an officer be willing to pick up my son's antibiotics on Kroger in 61 for us," said Sgt. Ashley Henson as he read the message from a computer screen. Sgt. Henson told Fox 5 News he quickly got into his unmarked SUV, drove in the snow and ice to pick up the medicine at Kroger then went on to the Fulcher's home 13 miles away to deliver the prescription. "I knew from having children myself that when you need medicine for your child it's necessity. It was something I was glad to do and I'm glad it helped little Bobby," said Sgt. Henson."He's literally taking the term serve and protect and he's serving. He's putting the community above himself," said Fulcher.Afterwards Sgt. Henson and the Fulcher family took a selfie. Sgt. Henson is no stranger to cameras. He is the Public Information Officer for the Paulding County Sheriff's Office who is seen often in the news explaining details of news worthy events. But no cameras were present when he was helping little Bobby." And we like to be able to do that, give back," said Sgt. Henson. " There are no words to explain how grateful we are, " said Fulcher.Little Bobby helped convey the families gratitude in a video shared with Fox 5 News and the Paulding County Sheriff's Office where the three year old is saying thank you in sign language.

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