8-Year-Old Solves Rubik’s Cube Blindfolded

May 24, 2017 6:16 pm Last Updated: May 24, 2017 6:16 pm

This 8-year-old boy is taking on the Rubik’s Cube challenge! This attempt has a little bit of a twist to the plot, however. He’s doing it completely blindfolded. 8 years old boy solves Rubik’s Cube blindfolded while being timed.

As a child grows, there are many developmental milestones that they will achieve along the way. Those milestones are due, in large part, to research that has been done over many years that tell us where “average” is. So nothing in child development is ever set in stone and there are extremes on both sides of that average, and sometimes, even more, when you drill down into specific functions. Take eye-hand coordination, for instance.

Knowing the reality of how milestones are set is extremely important, if not only because if our child is “behind” in some milestones and “ahead” in others is an easy trap for parents (and kids) to fall into. However, milestones do serve a valuable purpose in helping identify if your child has any physical or cognitive areas that they may beed help in.

For an 8-year-old, there are some of the more common, and a few not so common, milestones you might want to pay attention to. Typically, for instance, this age physically will start to develop finger control that is quite refined. Their stamina increases; meaning can run and swim further than they used to be able to.

In the area of language and thinking development, 8-year-olds can converse at an almost adult level, reading may be a major interest as they begin to  seek to understand the reasons for things, and they begin to feel competent in skills and have preferences for some activities and subjects.

In the area of social and emotional development. they may  have a strong need for love and understanding, especially from their mother.. Developmentally, it’s important to know that can be helpful, cheerful, and pleasant as well as rude, bossy, and selfish! Parents, it is “normal” development. And sometimes they can tend to be quite sensitive and overly dramatic. Their emotions can change quickly and they are often impatient. They find waiting for special events torturous.

Credit: storyful