The Twin Boys Born With Different Colored Skin

March 19, 2018 Last Updated: March 19, 2018

One has dark skin and the other is white—but these mixed-race boys are actually twins.

Holden Keller inherited his blond hair and blue eyes from his mother Amy Keller, 36, while his brother Hayden has darker skin and brown locks from his African-American father.

“As they’ve gotten older their differences are so striking, sometimes people don’t even believe they are brothers,” Amy said.

Keller, from Spring, Texas, says she was told by doctors she was expecting identical twins during her pregnancy as the babies were sharing a placenta.

But when the babies were born seven minutes apart in December 2016, it became clear that they were far from identical.

Holden and Hayden Keller might be twin brothers but they couldn’t be further from identical, having inherited different skin tones from their mixed-race parents. (SWNS)

She said, “Their personalities are so different too. Hayden is completely fearless. He is a little daredevil. He’s the first one to leap off the couch and to jibber jabber with anyone who will listen. He’s so outgoing.

“Holden is a little mommy’s boy, he’s a bit shy and really cautious. He is definitely the follower.

“They both just love dinosaurs, and they love growling at our dogs.”

Keller, who is raising the 15-month-old fraternal twins on her own, said while most people are amazed by her striking boys, others can be quite cruel about their physical differences.

The 36-year-old veterinary technician said she had some abuse in Facebook mom groups.

“I once posted a photo in one of them of the boys with the caption ‘Their features are starting to look identical’, and people started commenting ‘They’re not identical’, ‘How can you say they’re identical?’ ‘Are they even twins?’

“It does hurt me and it does get to me,” she said.

“I do worry about when they grow up a little bit and start to recognize their differences. I worry about people grilling them with questions like ‘Is he really your twin?’” she added.

Keller, who is also mom to 15-year-old Layla Stewart, said because her twins’ father is not in their lives, her dark-skinned son might struggle being different in his large Caucasian family.

Many people find it hard to believe that the twins are related. (SWNS)

“They have no awareness that they are any different from each other now. My family is Caucasian so I do know there will come a time when I will have to have a talk with Hayden.

“When the time comes I will just explain to him that Holden and him are brothers and nothing can change that.

“But I just hope to build the foundations of love and acceptance which will hopefully help him through any issues he has.”