Waitress Serves up Charity to Couple Who Spent Dinner on Their Phones

By Sherley Boursiquot, Epoch Times
June 27, 2016 Updated: June 29, 2016

Chris and Dreama Richards went out to dinner in Rocky Mount, West Virginia, on the night of June 24.

The duo were preoccupied with their phones. They were trying to come up with ways to get donations for those affected by the catastrophic flood in their state. 

Because they both had spent a great deal of time on their phones, they were beginning to feel a bit self-conscious about how they were looking in other people’s eyes. 

Their server, who hasn’t been identified, asked them where they were from, and the Richards followed with an explanation about why they were on their phones so much.  

The server then revealed that her husband’s 87-year-old grandmother was affected by the flood and hadn’t been rescued yet.

Before the waitress left the table, the couple apologized for appearing rude.  And here’s what happened when they apologized:

As promised, the Richards joined with Shawnee Baptist Church in Kegley to collect bags of clothing, bottle waters, and cleaning supplies to donate to those affected by the flood across the state, IJR reported.

They even gathered a volunteer crew to help them distribute the items. 

Chris, who is the pastor of Shawnee Baptist Church, said he and his wife tried to look for the grandmother of waitress’s husband, but was unsuccessful since they didn’t have her name.

“There was a woman rescued from a house, but we don’t know if it was her,” he said.

However, the Richards’s work does not end here.

Chris said they plan to go to Clay County on June 30. “We have gathered almost another trailer load of goods with the help of our own people and our sister churches,” he told Epoch Times.

From the food trailer, he said, over 3000 meals have been given to those who were in need.

“I’m very proud of my people. We didn’t wait for the government. … We rolled up our sleeves and went to work,” he said.