9-year-old girl begs mom to go to shelter. What she wants to adopt—they end up on the news

January 5, 2018 9:47 am Last Updated: January 5, 2018 9:47 am

Puppies are cute, puppies are fun! Nearly everyone likes puppies. There are some people who don’t want puppies and prefer older dogs because they’re less work, but most children don’t care about the amount of work and would rather have a puppy than a full-grown dog.

It’s rather odd then that a 9-year-old girl from Odenton, Maryland, would go to the shelter specifically looking for the oldest dog there. Yet that’s exactly what Raven Davis did. It turns out, she had an excellent and heart-breaking reason for it.

Raven told her mother, Melissa Davis, “I want to adopt an old dog, one that no one else wants.”

When it's late at night and you need a good cry, Kaylee is there for you.

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This statement is plenty noble on its own but also a bit dangerous. What if nobody wanted a dog because it was infested with fleas or was vicious and liked to bite?

Nevertheless, the mother took her request into consideration but warned her daughter that an old dog might be tough to take care of and might not live very long, which could be rather emotionally taxing.

When Raven and her mother visited the Baltimore Animal and Rescue Center (BARCS) they met Kaylee, an 11-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier. Kaylee was the oldest dog there and was also in the most dire position.

Diagnosed with cancer, the pooch was only given two months to live.

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Raven wanted to go through with the adoption though, saying, “I don’t want [dogs] to die in the shelter. They don’t deserve to die alone.”

With that, Kaylee was taken back to the Davis’s house. But they gave her more than just food and a nice place to stay.

Raven thought, if Kaylee was going to die in two months, she might as well try to make those two months the best months of her life.

Raven created a bucket list for Kaylee, which included items such as getting breakfast in bed, going out for ice cream, throwing her a birthday party, and watching a solar eclipse together.

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Om nom nom. Bucket list ice cream!

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Just trying on her solar eclipse glasses. One can never be too safe, you know!

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They haven’t completed every single item on the list yet but they’ve made a lot of progress.

Right now, the Davis’s are really hunkering down on item #20 on their list: getting a fellow senior dog named Sarge adopted.

While Kaylee’s Bucket List started off relatively small, it has since expanded a great deal.

It’s even been featured on the local news.

Oh, look, it's us!

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And they won a grant of $35,000 for the BARCS shelter from the Petco Holiday Wishes campaign!

Melissa even started working on a Kaylee’s Bucket List children’s book, which, I must say, captures her likeness extremely well!

Not to be overly dramatic, but I literally cried when I received the final copy of this illustration. It's perfection. This book is going to be absolutely stunning.

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Kaylee has certainly lived life to the fullest: a life much longer than anyone had expected. Kaylee was adopted back in June and she’s still alive and well, meaning that she’s exceeded her initial life expectancy by over four months!

Back when the Davises first adopted Kaylee, Melissa wrote an open letter to her prior owner, letting her know she was in good hands.

Now, months later, she has reshared the letter, letting her now much larger audience know that she doesn’t hold any of Kaylee’s prior owner’s actions against them.

In the lengthy letter, Melissa wrote:

“I think you probably loved [Kaylee]. You took her to the emergency vet in April when she started having trouble walking, and I have trouble believing that someone who *didn’t* love their pet would fork out that kind of money for their care.