These Popular Beverages Might Be Slowly Killing You

June 15, 2018 Last Updated: July 24, 2018

Do you know what ingredients are in the beverages you drink? Even seemingly healthy drinks may contain ingredients that are harmful to your health in the long term. 

You may want to reconsider some of these.

1. Fruit juice may seem healthy because of the word “fruit,” but that is not the case. It is often loaded with sugar, and some juices can contain the same amount of sugar as four donuts per cup. A better and healthier option is to eat fruit whole to maximize the amount of nutrients you intake. 

2. Diet soda may not always be a good alternative. Many contain aspartame, which the liver converts to fat. A study has also found that aspartame can contribute to “weight gain, obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus.”

3. Bottled smoothies, just like fruit juices, are packed with large amounts of sugar with no fiber to balance it out. It is better to make your own fresh smoothies using whole fruit, or even better, to consume the fruit itself. 

4. Coffee creamers are often packed with trans fats, hydrogenated oils and added sugar. Try other natural options such as coconut, almond, or regular milk, with a natural sweetener or stevia. But if creamer is a must, check the ingredients to make sure the word “hydrogenated” is not there. 

5. Popular water enhancer brands contain a chemical that is also used to de-ice airplanes. The chemical, propylene glycol, has been linked to several health problems such as liver and kidney damage. 

6. Lastly, bottled water can contain BPA, which can disrupt the reproductive system. When possible, drink water from a glass or opt for better alternatives, such as silicone or stainless steel.

Be careful and always make sure to check the labels to see what you are putting in your body!