Quiktrip Employee Fixes Tire for 91-Year-Old Battling Skin Cancer When Nobody Else Helped

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
March 16, 2019 Updated: March 20, 2019

Holding to the principle “treat people how you want to be treated,” one young employee at QuikTrip gas station went all out to help fix an elderly man’s flat tire on a cold day for free, even though he was just a complete stranger. Unexpectedly, his act of kindness, caught on camera, has become the talk of the internet.

One particular day in early 2019, Arthur McAfee, 91, realized that his tire was going flat shortly after leaving the grocery store at a QuikTrip gas station in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

At his age, changing a tire is indisputably a difficult task. So, he pulled up to the QuikTrip gas station and went into the store to ask for assistance.

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“He comes in and tells us, he has a flat tire and needs help fixing it, and some of the clerks said ‘anybody know how to change a flat tire,’ to anybody in the store,” QuikTrip employee Jared Stice told News On 6.

Without a second thought, Stice agreed to lend a hand even though he didn’t know McAfee or have the slightest idea that he was battling skin cancer.

“I said, ‘I do. I’ll go change it for him after I get off the register,'” Stice said.

Wearing only shorts, Stice got down to work right away in the store parking lot in frigid temperatures.

Jared Stice 发布于 2017年2月25日周六

McAfee looked on as Stice rested his body on the chilly parking lot asphalt to change the tire.

“It took like 10 minutes to fix. Nobody else was helping him. Treat people how you want to be treated,” Stice said.

Unbeknownst to Stice and McAfee, passerby Doug Huffman caught sight of their beautiful interaction and whipped out his camera to snap a photo.

Huffman later uploaded the photo of Stice helping McAfee change the tire on Facebook. He wrote: “See the man standing? He is an elderly man. The van is his. It has a flat rear tire. See the guy wearing shorts laying down? That is a QT employee changing the tire for the elderly man. Above and beyond to help someone—in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

“He really deserves a Good Job award from QT John Ivey. It was cold out there. Mid 30s at that time,” Huffman shared in the comment thread.

See the man standing? He is an elderly man. The van is his. It has a flat rear tire. See the guy wearing shorts…

Doug Huffman 发布于 2019年1月31日周四

Huffman’s post eventually spread far and wide, racking up 21,000 reactions and eliciting positive responses.

“Don’t see people caring much anymore. That’s awesome, I’ll drive 10 miles out of my to go to qt. For the most part qt is raising fine outstanding young people,” one wrote.

Another commented: “It’s called respect for your elders.”

“Awesome employee there. Kudos to this young man!!!” another remarked.

Find out the story behind the picture posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, tonight at 6pm.-The picture showed a…

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McAfee’s grandson, Darin McAfee, also caught wind of the post. He put in his two pennies worth, writing: “I want to thank this QT employees and everyone that has shared and commented. The man in the picture is my Grandfather. He hadn’t told anyone about this or called when he had the flat.”

Later, Darin McAfee added: “I found out who the employee is and he would have helped him even if it cost him his job. Great man and his family are amazing.”

Lori Fullbright / News On 6 发布于 2019年2月15日周五

McAfee was unaware he was secretly caught on camera until the church people and his sister in Texas informed him about it.

He revealed he had wanted to pay Stice, but the young man said no.

“I don’t think you can find a nicer bunch of young people than they are,” he said.

Lori Fullbright / News On 6 发布于 2019年2月15日周五

Whilst for Stice, he knew that his act of kindness had gone viral from his girlfriend.

“I was going to bed. She sent me a text that said look on Facebook, there’s a picture of you going around. I looked and there was a picture of me on the ground. No one knew it was me yet,” Stice said.

Even more surprising, Stice came to know that one of McAfee’s grandsons is actually his friend!

Jared Stice 发布于 2018年3月2日周五

With a serving heart, Stice aspires to attend the Tulsa Fire Academy to become a fireman after passing the EMT exam. Judging from his sweet and helpful nature, we think he’s the right person for the job!

Stice has proven that sometimes it’s the smallest gesture that can make a huge difference. We should all learn from this awesome QuikTrip employee and make the effort to help out the people around us!

Indeed, kindness goes a long way. In another instance, a father and his 12-year-old son were pumping gas at a fuel station, and they happened to notice an elderly gentleman struggling to pump gas into his own vehicle. The boy looked at his dad, and without saying a word, he jumped out of the car and walked over to assist him.

"My 12-year-old son and I were pumping gas, when he noticed an elderly gentleman having difficulty pumping his gas. He…

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The father watched patiently as his young lad began to converse with the old man, “who handed over the pump to the boy without hesitation.”

The boy’s help didn’t stop at just that.

“He even went into the gas station to retrieve the change that he left over,” the father wrote.

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