New Animal Care and Rescue Center Set to Open May 24

By Brendon Fallon, Epoch Times
May 17, 2018 Last Updated: May 18, 2018

Rescued seals, turtles, fish, and other marine life are housed at the brand new Animal Care and Rescue Center. Seals are being nurtured back to health in the center’s rehabilitation facility, while caiman (related to the alligator), turtles, fish, and other animals are being featured in its exhibits.

“We have an extremely talented exhibits department here that fabricate our habitats for our animals,” said Ashleigh Clews, the center’s husbandry manager.

The center is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Turtles, fish, and other animals are featured in the Animal Care and Rescue Center’s exhibits in Baltimore, Md. (Screenshot via Baltimore Sun)

Rehabilitation manager, Kate Shaffer said that the center has largely expanded its capacity to provide individual care for the seals being rehabilitated.

Its two seal suites are completely isolated from one another. They have separate air and water.

Both suites also completely climate controlled.

Animal Care and Rescue Center’s Rehabilitation manager, Kate Shaffer in Baltimore, Md. (Screenshot via Baltimore Sun)

This “allows us to cater to the specific needs of the animal that is housed there,” said Shaffer.

The center is currently rehabilitating a juvenile grey seal, named Lox, which had been found stranded at a beach in Assateague, off the eastern coast of the Delmarva peninsula. It was suffering bite wounds and malnourishment.

The seal has recently been cleared for release by the center’s veterinary team, said Shaffer, making it one of the first animals to be rehabilitated there.

The center will officially open on May 24, 2018.