Moving Moment as Michigan Soldier Surprises His Parents After Year Overseas

January 26, 2018 Last Updated: January 26, 2018

After a year overseas, Sgt. Ethan Larson finally returned home to Grand Rapids, Michigan. To make the reunion with his parents extra special, Ethan’s wife Kait kept it a secret.

Kait was so afraid she might divulge the secret, she didn’t even pick up phone calls from the parents. “I was like ‘I’ll text you,’ because I just can’t lie to save my life,” she said.

Finally the moment came. They first went to visit Ethan’s father Richard at his job at Gilson Graphics. Then they went to Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, where Ethan’s mother Joy works as a teacher.

Ethan serves with Michigan Army National Guard. He spent the year maintaining and fixing helicopters in Iraq and Kuwait and was glad for the chance to return home.

“It was good to get home and be with my wife and spend some time in our new house,” he said.