Mom Resuscitated After Horrific Crash, Says She Saw Son in Heaven

January 25, 2018 Last Updated: January 25, 2018

By conventional wisdom, Denise Dickerson shouldn’t even be here. She had almost every bone from waist down crushed in a car accident on an icy Oklahoma road and stopped breathing before even reaching the hospital. But, for some reason, she clung to life.

“It’s amazing. And you got to think that there’s some higher power at work here,” said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Toby Risko, KFOR reported.

After extensive resuscitation, she started to breathe again and underwent a plethora of surgeries.

But the story got yet more interesting.

After waking up, Dickerson said she saw a heavenly scene and her son, Kody, who died in a car crash two years prior.