Doctor Carries Elderly Lady Through Snow to Save Her Vision

December 20, 2017 Updated: October 5, 2018

Lillian Havenga was about to go blind. Due to her condition, she needs eye injections every four weeks to preserve her vision.

She was scheduled to receive the treatment on Dec. 14, but missed the appointment as she was hospitalized for a different health issue.

That was a big problem.

“If she goes longer than four weeks, her eye can bleed, and she can permanently lose her vision,” her daughter Marie wrote on Facebook. “This happened with her left eye a couple of years ago.”

Lillian was released from hospital on Saturday, Dec. 16. Her daughter Marie wanted to take her to get the injections right away, but the office of her ophthalmologist, Dr. Yosef Gindzin, was closed that day. Still, she tried to give him a call.

“He gave me his cell phone number and said he would be willing to meet her at the office on Saturday and open up just so he could give her her eye injections in hopes of saving her right eye,” Marie said, Fox 17 reported.

When they arrived at Dr. Gindzin’s office, however, there was so much snow in the parking lot Lillian’s wheelchair couldn’t get through.

Dr. Gindzin then came, picked the lady up, and carried her to his office.

“We didn’t plow our driveway because it was the weekend, and her car couldn’t make it up to the door,” Dr. Gindzin said. “So I just carried her into the building.”

After the treatment, he carried Lillian back to the car and she returned back home to Spring Lake, Michigan, to enjoy the holidays.

“What an amazing and compassionate man,” Marie wrote on Facebook. “Because of him, my mom will be able to see the magic of Christmas. Thank you, Dr. Gindzin, for the best gift EVER!”

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