Disabled Water Boy’s Mom Moved When Losing Football Team Comes Up to Surprise Him

January 25, 2019 Updated: January 26, 2019

For one wheelchair-bound non-verbal child, being the water boy for his school football team is a role he loves. And it was made all the more special on one particular game.

Raymond Beecher, a senior at Little Chute High School, suffers from a genetic disorder called X-linked hydrocephalus, resulting in his inability to walk or talk. But that doesn’t stop him participating in many of the high school activities, especially in the school football team.

Mustang day – and waterboy duties

Raymond and Nicholas – A Glimpse of Us 发布于 2018年9月30日周日

His mom, Sarah Forster, is at all the games, ready to push his wheelchair into position.

During the Oct. 2, 2018, football match against Green Bay East, the Little Chute team thrashed their worthy opponent with a 42-0 win. And then near the handshake line, everyone witnessed an awe-inspiring moment.

Raymond and Nicholas – A Glimpse of Us 发布于 2018年10月19日周五

Raymond and his mom avoid going on to the grassy field as maneuvering the wheelchair can be a bit tricky.

The mom and son were watching the players shake hands when they found themselves being surrounded by the opposition.

The Green Bay East team formed a beeline and began walking straight toward Raymond, so Sarah pulled the wheelchair back to make enough space for the team to walk by.

After being announced and going thru the tunnel. He was beaming

Raymond and Nicholas – A Glimpse of Us 发布于 2018年9月30日周日

But the Forsters soon realized they were the star attraction of the magical moment that was unfolding right then and there.

“All of a sudden, I can’t even remember what child it was, one of the guys said, ‘Hey, we missed him. Literally, 10 to 15 of the kids started doubling back and then everyone gave him little fist bumps and said, ‘Good game, bud,’” said Sarah, according to Green Bay Press Gazette.

Sarah managed to take a photo of the moment with her almost “dying phone.”

So we are blessed of course that in Little Chute, Wisconsin Raymond is a very accepted boy. But I had to share a quick…

Raymond and Nicholas – A Glimpse of Us 发布于 2018年9月28日周五

“I was in awe,” Sarah wrote, as she described the touching incident on social media.

“I just wanted the families to know how great their kids were. He’s been included a lot, but we have had our share of funny looks and, you know, staring and all that. Just to have him be included as one of the guys is amazing, and to have it not be his community. To have it be another community,” she said.

The viral photo received many praises and positive reactions from social media users.

One enthused social media user said: “Adults in this country could learn a thing or two, from these fine young men, about conducting themselves AND treating all people with empathy, kindness, dignity, and respect.”

While another proud father of the Green Bay East commented: “Wow. Thanks for sharing this! My son plays for East… what they lack in talent they really make up in heart. Thank you again for sharing.”

“East may have lost that game but those boys are winning in life. Congratulations to all!” another netizen wrote.

Shaun Behrend, the coach of the losing team, wasn’t surprised at his team’s actions. “We talk about it all the time. On the field, in the community, in the classroom, trying to be the best we possibly can be,” the coach told Green Bay Press.

“We talk a lot about just treatment of people in general, and how we treat our teammates and just anybody.”

Raymond and Nicholas – A Glimpse of Us 发布于 2018年9月30日周日

Raymond’s brother, Nicholas suffered from the same disorder and unfortunately passed away in 2012.

This heartwarming act surely seems to have a positive impact on the Beechers family.

Raymond and Nicholas – A Glimpse of Us 发布于 2018年6月4日周一

The emotional mother concluded in her post, “Even in the midst of disappointment. The world could learn a thing or 2 from you.”

Indeed, sometimes, one small act of kindness can make a world of difference!