8-Year-Old Girl Without Legs Poses in Stunning Modeling Shoot

8-year-old La’Mareea was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, which caused the lower half of her body to be underdeveloped, along with other deficits such as abnormalities of the arms. She has had gone through two surgeries, two blood transfusions, and has had hospital visits back and forth for years.

However, this remarkable young girl has a tremendously positive spirit.

“Other people tell me I don’t like being alive, and I’m suffering being alive. But I actually love being alive. It’s, like, so awesome,” she said.

Recently, her mother noticed a casting call for children to pose for a photo shoot. At first, she worried that her daughter without legs would be disqualified.

However, the photographer instead told her that La’Mareea’s condition was what made her special, and the 8-year-old was chosen for the modeling shoot. The incredible final product has indeed shown how much strength, courage, and beauty the little “Warrior Queen” has inside her.

“God put me on this Earth for a reason. And the reason why He probably did is so I could do something great and inspire other people to love their self, no matter how they’re made,” said La’Mareea.

Her mother Angela Neal said her daughter has experienced a lot of hurt and ridicule, but La’Mareea always says, “when she gets to Heaven, she will be made perfect and God will give her legs,” according to Love What Matters.

“She has never met her father, she is bi-racial, and she has no legs. This world can be very cruel, but no matter what she endures, she always has a smile on her face,” said Neal.