Watch: Good Samaritans and Cops Save People From Burning Car

By Denisse Moreno, Epoch Times
March 30, 2016 Updated: April 4, 2016

A video shows good samaritans and two police officers pulling people out of a burning car on March 29 in South Los Angeles.

Footage captured by a bystander’s cellphone shows a black Mercedes-Benz smashed into the side of a Metro bus, both of them in flames after the collision.

According to KTLA, LAPD officers were nearby and rushed to the scene when they heard the crash. Two people were trapped in the vehicle, which had caught fire.

“We don’t really think, we just react to a dangerous situation,” said Police Officer John Carlyle, to KTLA.

“Afterwards, obviously usually things sink in, but when we’re there our main goal is to protect somebody. To save somebody.”

The individuals were stuck in the car by their seatbelts, and the panicked female passenger screamed as Carlyle tried to cut the airbag and maneuver the dashboard and glove box that pinned her, according to KTLA.

“It was getting pretty hot in the car and I could see the flames were coming into the passenger side, so I knew she had to get out,” he said.

“You could just see the male driver just being cooked, and just being burned,” said Officer Garret Brooks of the man whose feet were still on fire as he was pulled away.

At the same time, Ricky Clayton, who was on the job working as a sidewalk sign spinner at the time of the crash also ran to the scene to help.

“By the time I turned around to ask people to help me, I had a crowd behind me already willing to go,” Clayton told NBC 4.

“There were black fumes and smoke, and we were trying to get anybody and everybody who might have been in danger out of the way,” he added.

According to NBC 4, the Los Angeles County Fire Department said four vehicles were involved in the accident, and as many as seven people were injured.

Authorities said they are investigating whether the crash, which happened on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Western Avenue, involved a street race.