Strangers see state trooper struggling in the middle of a busy intersection, so they rush to his aid

August 1, 2017 2:49 pm Last Updated: August 1, 2017 2:49 pm


We’d all like to think that if we saw someone in need of help we would stop and lend a hand, but that’s not always the case.

Picture this: you’re sitting in traffic and the cars are barely moving. You’re now 10 minutes late to an appointment which you booked two months in advance. Suddenly you spot what you think might be the cause of the five mile backup, a stalled car at the intersection. Since you’re already late you pass by and silently curse the person who caused such a mess.

The following clip shows that every once in a while you’ll cross paths with a good Samaritan, and if you’re lucky it might be when you need one—or four—the most.

In a video watched nearly two million times, Sienna Smith captured a group of strangers working to help a fellow motorist.

Sienna Smith was in the car with her brother in Allentown, Pennsylvania, when the two spotted what they thought was a traffic stop. As they sat at the traffic light, they realized they weren’t watching a Pennsylvania State Trooper pulling a car over, instead they were watching a state trooper attempt to push a disabled car out of a busy intersection.

Cars continued to fly past as the trooper visibly struggled to push the minivan out of harm’s way.

At one point it didn’t look like the state trooper could move the van any further.

Just as the van turned onto the cross street, the state trooper looked like he was about to give up. He really appeared to struggle pushing the van, but just as he leaned a little harder into the van and dug his feet into the asphalt, four random strangers ran towards him.

They leaned into the van right beside the trooper and pushed.

“It was incredible to witness.” Smith told CBS News.

Smith, who couldn’t believe it when four strangers abandoned their cars to help the trooper, wrote about the inspiring moment on her Facebook saying,

When bad things happen in our lives, whether it happens to us personally or whether it makes national headlines, it can be easy to lose faith in humanity and the goodness of people, because the bad is all we are thinking about or is all that we can see at that time. If we ever start to lose our faith, we have to look for all the good that we can in the world. See the good in others; search for it. Better yet, be the good in the world. The smallest acts can change the world, even if it is just changing the world for one person. Bless the officer who started the job, and bless the men who helped him finish the job.

Once the van was moved to a safer location on the road, the men disappeared to their own cars just as quickly as they ran out to help.