Large Earthquake Hits Bali, Indonesia; Tsunami Warning Issued

Officials in Indonesia sent out a tsunami alert on Aug. 5 after a large earthquake struck the popular tourist area of Bali.

The United States Geological Survey said a magnitude-7.0 tremor took place at around 11:46 a.m. local time off the country’s Lombok Island, which is near Bali. The USGS said the quake was about 6.5 miles deep.

A tsunami warning was issued by Indonesia’s Disaster Mitigation Agency, which said there was potential for a tsunami.

Model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen, who said she is in Bali, wrote on Twitter that the quake was “massive.” She added: “Bali. Trembling. So long.” In another post, she added: “So many aftershocks.”

It’s not clear if there were any injuries or damage done in the earthquake.