Distraught Puppy Refuses to Leave Injured Owner’s Side

April 5, 2019 Updated: April 5, 2019

All dog lovers out there may wish to look away because a video has surfaced online showing an injured man being treated by paramedics while his distraught puppy dog watches on in desperation.

In the video the puppy is restrained by a group of worried onlookers as the man is treated for unknown injuries by paramedics before being placed onto and strapped into a stretcher, presumably to prevent further injury.

The poor dog’s yelps and cries can be heard as it fights desperately to free itself from the crowd of assembled onlookers holding it in place. Finally, the sight of its injured owner becomes too much and the puppy bursts free by nipping at the hands of those restraining it and running to its owner. Once there, it tries frantically to shield the stricken man from the paramedics who are still attempting to treat him for his injuries. With all its might the dog spreads its tiny body over the man in a misguided attempt to protect him from people who are trying to help. The man’s attempts to soothe the puppy by stroking its back prove fruitless as the dog becomes more and more desperate to protect its owner.

Finally, the distraught puppy is gently moved away by a quick-thinking onlooker who covers the dog’s eyes with a baseball cap. The confused dog stands motionless nearby as the paramedics complete their work and move the man to an awaiting ambulance for transport to the nearest hospital.

For dog lovers worried about what happened to the puppy or indeed its injured owner, the video ends with the reassuring words that the dog was later reunited with its master and that both are now fine.

Video Credit: ViralHog