Brothers Send 100s of Roses to Military Widows on Valentine’s So They Won’t Feel Alone

February 15, 2019 Updated: February 15, 2019

Valentine’s Day can be a tough time for single people. Widows and military wives may feel especially lonely, with their loved ones sadly absent or posted far away from home.

But they are not alone and not forgotten, thanks to the generosity of one kindly Washington resident and his brother.

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Seth Stewart, 28, and one of his three brothers started a tradition in 2011: they gifted two dozen roses to their single friends on Valentine’s Day to prove that they were being considered, too. The gesture was so touching that it wasn’t long before word of Seth’s project spread community-wide. The following year, requests started pouring in.

Seth’s sweet idea was swiftly turning into an annual enterprise.

Valentines day was a great success! Lots of great stories and smiles. Here's your delivery gents for 2018. See you next year! We have a couple idea's to switch things up for next year. ⚘

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Simultaneously humbled and encouraged, Seth rose to the challenge: overwhelming numbers of single people seemed to be needing, and deserving, a little extra love and attention on this special day. But an equally overwhelming number of concerned partners, family members, and the local community were looking out for them.

Seth immediately recognized that the project was meaningful, and very, very worthwhile. He quickly hired a group of drivers, and on Feb. 14, 2019, the team handed out over 550 roses to deserving single women in the Spokane, Washington, area.

So this is what 150 roses look like. Shout out to Skyline Flowers Spokane for this massive donation. And everyone else who's chipped in to make this happen.It's almost game time baby 😉

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To begin with, the project was a grassroots operation, utilizing a basic text message “ordering system” or even word of mouth. But now, Seth uses social media. Requests for flowers bombard the “Rose Rush” Facebook page and the annual list is carefully compiled before the special day. Seth is careful to make sure that every single request is honored with a flower, and he doesn’t charge a cent.

“Some of the stories are so touching,” said Seth, explaining to CNN that some requests come in with a lengthy description as to why the recipient deserves a flower on Valentine’s Day. And many “requesters” ask for a personalised message of love to be sent along with their flower, too.

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To a recently widowed woman, her rose was sent along with a sweetly handwritten message: “No matter how bad you are feeling there is always someone thinking about you.”

The roses remind Washington’s singletons that they are not alone, regardless of circumstance. Their friends, family, and even their community are thinking of them, and wanting them to feel loved and appreciated.

The roses have much more than romantic connotations. Some community members ask for roses to be delivered to women who have impacted their lives in a meaningful way, perhaps a teacher, a long-term family friend, or a benevolent figure from the neighborhood.

That's what I love about Sunday

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Military husbands and boyfriends also make up a large percentage of Seth’s client base. With hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles separating lovers and spouses after men in the military are deployed overseas, Seth’s amazing, voluntary operation offers a way for faraway partners to show they they still love and they still care.

“There are always one or two women who break down sobbing,” said Seth, “because it means so much to them.” And that’s reason enough to carry on.

We are still accepting requests for Valentine's deliveries to a single lady you know in your life. Young, old, single…

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Remember the story KHQ ran about the men in Spokane who deliver roses to single women, widows, and military wives on Valentine’s Day? Well today they’re letting us follow them around! Watch as one woman receives a free rose 🌹

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Seth has a handful of very special people on his own list of rose recipients, too. His mom and three sisters will always come first. With important women to honor in his own life, Seth understands the value of the Valentine’s Day rose for women whose immediate family are faraway, or no longer with them.

Roses are red, violets are blue … Seth, you’re a hero, and we adore you!