LG G3 Stylus Release Date, Specs: LG Beat Video Leaks Possible Galaxy Note Rival (+Video)

LG accidentally leaked information about its upcoming product.

Right at the end of a light-hearted boy-meets-girl video promoting the G3 Beat, a LG G3 Stylus was accidentally shown alongside the Beat and the G3.

Although LG later deleted the video, it can still be found on Youtube.

The fact that LG removed the video practically confirms that the G3 Stylus actually going to be produced, even though LG has not yet officially announced it.

The G3 Stylus could be looking to rival Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4, or give consumers a cheaper, mid-range alternative in the phablet with stylus department.

The Galaxy Note has established itself in the phablet class since 2012. Its current and third iteration, the Note 3, even has a stylus pen, the S Pen, that doubles as a productivity tool.

LG did try to compete in 2012 with the Optimus Vu/LG Intuition for Verizon, but it failed to capture the United States market, and the Vu 3 never shipped out of Korea.

As the phone seems to be ready enough to make a video, plus the fact that Samsung should be releasing the Galaxy Note 4 in September, LG could be springing on a surprise (unfortunately foiled by themselves) challenge for Samsung.

Basing the G3 Stylus on the popular LG G3 chassis also makes sense since users can get a rough idea of what they are going to get.

GSMArena has taken a bold stab at predicting the LG G3 Stylus’s specs, and tips the phone to have a 5.7-inch, 720p touchscree, a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GM of RAM, 8GB of storage, an 8 megapixel rear camera and a 1.3 megapixel front camera, 4G LTE support, and run Android 4.4 KitKat.

GSMArena is basing its prediction that the phone will be in the mid-range from their South Korea “industry source who is familiar with the matter,” who says that the G3 Stylus has “overall specifications” that are “slightly downgraded compared with the G3.”

If G3 Stylus is indeed a mid-range offering, than LG could be looking to capture another segment of the phablet pie rather than go head on with the Note 4 and Samsung in the “premium” phablet class.