When the time came to exchange vows, one groom shocked all the guests when he said there was someone else

September 8, 2017 12:33 pm Last Updated: December 21, 2017 5:33 pm


It’s a well-known trope that some men get cold feet before their wedding. No matter how long they have dated their partner, sometimes the idea that they will be spending the rest of their lives with one person is overwhelming.

However, in the vast majority of cases, the wedding goes off without a hitch. Sometimes, though, there are complications.

When Portuguese couple Jefferson and Jessica started to exchange their vows, everyone expected a traditional, classic ceremony. But when Jefferson said he loved someone else, all the guests were stunned into silence. However, soon everyone in attendance was crying tears of joy.

No one expected any surprises from Jefferson and Jessica’s wedding.


Jefferson and Jessica’s wedding video was posted online in February of this year. Jessica wore a gorgeous beaded dress, Jefferson sported a snazzy suit, and the ceremony was already shaping up to be beautiful. No one expected any surprises or any problems. It was just a wonderful example of two people coming together to celebrate their love.

That is, until the time came to exchange their vows to one another, and Jefferson took the microphone.

“Everyone is here for a reason,” Jefferson said in the video, translated from Portuguese.

He went on to talk about friends and family and past experiences. It was everything that everyone expects at a wedding. But then Jefferson stunned everyone into silence when he went off-script.

Jefferson had other plans — when the time came to exchange vows, he revealed that he was here for someone else.


“But there is one person here that makes this day possible,” Jefferson said in the video, translated into English. “And my next words are for her.”

Jefferson smiled, and walked past his bride.

Needless to say, the wedding guests were shocked. Who was this woman? Why wasn’t he directing this to his wife?

“Gio?” Jefferson said in the video.

Jefferson had decided to make his vows, not to his bride, but to her young daughter, Giovanna.


The person he was referring to was Jessica’s young daughter, Giovanna. Jessica could hardly hold back the tears as Jefferson walked over to little Giovanna and knelt before her.

I know I’m annoying sometimes,” Jefferson said in the video, translated from Portuguese. “I get mad at you, I annoy you to brush your teeth and your hair.”

“Sometimes I think that I’m more childish than you, but I also give you love, kindness, and always want to protect you,” Jefferson said. “I can’t really explain my feelings for you…I can’t explain the love I feel for you, because I think that love doesn’t have an explanation.”

“But, if I could ask something from God, I would ask for you to be my daughter,” Jefferson said, now holding back tears of his own. “I would be the proudest father in the world.”

“I promise that I will always give you my love, protection, and the best that I can give to make you happy,” Jefferson finished. “I love you, my love.”

Everyone was on the verge of tears once Jefferson finished, but when little Giovanna took the microphone, it sent everyone over the edge.


The two then exchanged a hug. Jessica was holding back tears of joy, and the room was doing the same, but then little Giovanna took the microphone, gave her response and sent everyone over the edge.

“I thank him a lot for what he said,” Giovanna said in the video. “I accept that he will become my dad from the bottom of my heart. I will always be always happy with him, and I’ll always love everyone.”

Her words touched Jefferson deeply. They hugged and with Giovanna’s consent, Jefferson and Jessica were married.

Jefferson asking Giovanna to be his daughter is not the first instance of a man proposing to his new wife’s children. But here’s hoping that this heartwarming trend continues!

Watch the touching moment below: