Veteran in wheelchair asks taxi driver for help up stairs. But at driver’s reply—police get involved

It was a shocking response to a Korean War veteran.
January 31, 2018 11:11 am Last Updated: January 31, 2018 11:11 am

During the winter months, nobody wants to leave their house unless they absolutely have to. It’s cold outside, and it’s best to spend the day in the comfort and warmth of your own home.

Winters are particularly difficult for the elderly. Seniors are vulnerable to the cold to a greater degree, with snow and ice making it hard to get around.

Imagine now, how much harder it would be to be both elderly and in a wheelchair.

That’s why NYPD officers from the 75th precinct were shocked to see an 85-year-old man shivering in his wheelchair on the sidewalk.

On January 11, NYPD officers helped wheelchair bound Korean War veteran into his home after he was left stranded on the sidewalk.

Facebook/ NYPD

The senior, who was not identified, was on his way back from a doctors appointment. Earlier that morning, medical transport personnel carried him down the stairs.

He was forced to take a taxi back home later that day. When he asked his cab driver to help him up the stairs to his home, he received a shockingly cold reply.

“That’s not my job,” the driver said before leaving.

According to a post made on the NYPD Facebook page, the man was shivering when Lieutenant Vitaliy Zelikov and officer Georin Duran encountered him.

Lieutenant Zelikov and officer Duran carried the man up the stairs into his apartment.

Facebook/ NYPD

The two officers, both veterans, bonded with the man over their time in service. The officers stayed with him for 20 more minutes to make sure he was alright.

They chatted, the older gentleman told them about his time as a volunteer with the NYPD in the 80’s.

“He was an absolute gentleman. A really nice guy. He lived in the community his whole life,” Zelikov said to FOX News. “The small talk really put a smile on his face.”

The officers said they enjoyed the visit just as much as he did, and will continue to check on him in the future.

Officer Duran has already paid the man another visit, and is planning on more in the future.

Facebook/ NYPD

“I visited him yesterday,” Duran said to Fox News. “We’ll definitely be seeing him.”

But their generosity isn’t ending there. Officer Duran is planning to have a wheelchair ramp installed to make his life easier. The officer intends to make a GoFundMe page when he has a clearer idea of the cost.

The officers don’t feel as though they’ve done anything out of the ordinary. They insist they were only doing their job, taking care of the community they live in, and other officers would have done the same thing.

“It’s always good to see the police department shown in a positive way and sends a message that this is our primary purpose amongst many purposes. This is what we do to help the community — to help the public.”