This yoga class lets patrons play with goats (who like to climb on them!)

May 30, 2017 2:51 pm Last Updated: May 30, 2017 2:51 pm

Goats can be very pragmatic pets. They eat unwanted weeds, they can provide milk and wool, and they are perfect at scaring off bridge trolls.

Now, they have become the latest playful animal companions for yoga classes. Is there no end to the benefits of having a goat?

Jenness Farm of southern New Hampshire hosts a goat yoga class that allows tiny Nigerian Dwarf goats to climb on top of patrons.

“This was really kind of a fluke,” said owner Peter Corriveau, “We did this dry run, posted some pictures and really hadn’t thought that far ahead. And it’s just exploded. The phone is ringing continuously for people wanting to sign up for classes,” according to The Huffington Post.

The goats can also provide a free massage. (Source: YouTube/CBS)

Corriveau said this farm is not the first to have come up with a goat-yoga class, which can be found in states ranging from Oregon to Arizona to Massachusetts.

Patrons always enjoy getting to interact with the goats. (Source: YouTube/CBS)

The farm’s official website states how the goats help patrons: “Our yoga classes are accessible to all levels, while still challenging the body and mind. Stretch, strengthen, and relax the body and mind with playful and adorable goats!…Often the goats’ energy level mimics the activity in class, other times it does not. Either way, you are sure to smile a lot!”

These little goats like to pretend that they are climbing up a mountain! (Source: YouTube/CBS)

The farm is currently planning on expanding the yoga studio to increase classes, which currently cost $22 for each adult patron. Instructor Janine Bibeau has said that the goats are always a delight to have in class.

“It brings a lighter and more joyful energy to a class,” Bibeau explained, “They make a nice energy in the room. It brings everyone together.”