This man’s wife found his lost wedding ring in the weirdest place possible, and filmed his stunned reaction

July 18, 2017 10:19 am Last Updated: July 18, 2017 10:19 am


Chris Robb, of Hertfordshire, England, committed the worst sin a husband can commit: he lost his wedding ring.

The unthinkable happened last year. When the personalized white gold ring suddenly went missing, Chris immediately thought he had lost it during a soccer match. He enlisted his buddies to comb the field in search of the ring, even using a friend’s metal detector, but with no success, according to the Daily Mail.

“We were both quite upset when he lost it at the time,” his wife Annie recalled. “When he came home the day he lost it he was devastated.”

“It’s important—it wasn’t like an off-the-shelf one,” Chris added. “It had had been made for us by a friend and had the date in Roman numerals on it.”

Chris and Annie had accepted the ring was gone for good, and as the year went by went on with their lives and stopped looking for the ring.

And that’s when it showed up in the most unlikely place.

According to The Sun, the Robbs had sold their house and were ready to move, which prompted Annie to clean out their freezer. One of the older items in the back of the fridge to be thrown out was a tray of curry. Annie took it out to defrost.

“I was going to throw it away but I wanted to defrost it so there was no water in the bin,” she explained.

And it’s a good thing she did—or else she wouldn’t have noticed something peculiar about this curry.

“I could see something that looked like a bottle top or a keyring inside it.”

That’s right: the wedding ring was in the curry.

“It was all shiny and sparkly, it was just incredible. I couldn’t speak,”

She told The Sun, “There were no other adults around at the time to show it to.”

But one adult in particular she couldn’t wait to show it to: her guilt-bearing husband Chris.

And she captured his stunned reaction on video.

Chris is baffled, and as his daughter returns the curry-soaked ring to his finger, he asks what we’re all thinking: “How the [expletive] did it get into a curry?!”

How did it end up in the curry? We’ll never know—the Robbs certainly don’t seem to have any idea.

“We have no idea how it got in the curry–we can’t place how or why,” Annie told The Sun. “It’s really spooky.”

“Maybe it had slipped off my finger while I was putting the curry away, but I would have thought I would have felt it go,” Chris said to the Daily Mail.

“I have absolutely no clue how it got there.”

But he’s glad to have it back—even if it did mean getting a ribbing from the soccer buddies who helped him search for it.

“I told my mates at football the day after Annie found it, it’s safe to say I got some stick for it,” he told the Daily Mail.

In the end, there’s two morals to the story here:

  1. Things always show up when you’re not looking for them.
  2. Always defrost your curry before throwing it away.