Sick dog given only a day to live, rescued by woman who wanted to give her love in her last hours, then a miracle happened

November 22, 2017 4:47 pm Last Updated: November 25, 2017 6:36 pm

Dogs are wonders of nature. They have proven to be more intelligent than we think, but they’re also full of surprises.

Heather Hayes works for the Asheville Humane Society in North Carolina, a group focused on rehabilitating animals and finding them homes. Heather knows what it’s like to see a dog that’s distressed. Every day she walked past a little scared chihuahua that had her tongue perpetually sticking out and hid under her kennel bed.

This poor dog was very sick and old; and wasn’t expected to live for much longer.

"Today, the nice people at Asheville Humane Society decided to rescue me." >gurgle<

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Knowing this, Heather couldn’t let her die in the shelter. Heather was the one person the dog would look at from her kennel, instead of trembling and hiding.

“The staff at the shelter wondered if she was even adoptable because her health was so bad,” Heather told the Dodo.

It wasn’t looking good, but Heather wanted to make sure that this dog’s last moments were the best they could possibly be, and were surrounded by people that loved her.

So she took her home to stay with her and her husband—and pass away with dignity.

"This one (most gullible sucker in the world) fostered me for all of 12 hours before keeping me."

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But to Heather’s surprise, the dog was still alive the next day. The day after that came, and the dog was still alive and well. In fact, she seemed to be getting healthier by the minute.

Soon, Heather realized that the chihuahua was there to stay.

Jay-Z the Chi is excited about all the fun and adventures to be had in 2014!

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The love and compassion given to her by her new owner and pets were enough to keep her going.

Since she didn’t seem to be ready to leave just yet, Heather decided to give her a different name.

Her husband suggested calling her Jay-Z, after the famous rapper. This was a play on the original name the dog had, “Jersey Girl.”

I've been pretty busy lately, being influential and all.

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Knowing Jay-Z wasn’t going to give up without a fight, Heather still wanted to make the most of her time with her.

She ended up taking her on trips, like climbing Mount Mitchell, a mountain in North Carolina, and taking her to see the ocean for the first time.

"I climbed to Mount Mitchell today like a tiny mountain goat."

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“She has the most incredible will to live of any animal I’ve ever known,” Heather said about Jay-Z.

Four years later, Jay-Z was still going strong with her family of former shelter dogs, and two owners who love her.

Not happy about the dropping temperatures this evening.

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The simple pleasure of a warm sunbeam.

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All Heather wanted to do was give Jay-Z a happy send-off, and instead she ended up sharing over four wonderful years with the little Chi. But finally, the day came, and it was time for Jay-Z to go. She passed away peacefully earlier this year having lived her final days (or should that be years?) to the fullest and smothered in love.

“The animals who come to us scared, broken and hurting get their second chances. They find a new home in someone else’s heart, just like Jay-Z will FOREVER be in mine,” wrote Heather on her Facebook page.

Jay-Z might be gone, but she’s certainly not forgotten.

This was our last picture together the day we said goodbye. The hardest goodbye of my life… I couldn't even look back…

Posted by Heather O. Hayes on Friday, June 9, 2017