Police pull over when they catch kids having snowball fight. What they say to them—it’s a challenge

“We noticed one of the kids had blue plastic surgical gloves"
March 23, 2018 10:44 am Last Updated: March 23, 2018 10:44 am

Spring officially began this week—but it sure didn’t feel like it up in New York.

Many people tired of the freezing cold weather and being cooped up in their houses were disappointed when late March rolled around and discovered they were in for yet another nor’easter.

But it didn’t stop these kids from having fun outside—with a little help from some unexpected new friends.

After the storm shut down city schools on Wednesday, a group of young kids in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn were, out on the street having a snowball fight.


But at the same time, a group of NYPD officers—Detective Kaz Daughtry, Officer John Dorrejo and Officer Richard Russo—were on patrol, and saw what the kids were doing.

So they pulled over…

And challenged the kids to a snowball fight!


The kids accepted the challenge, and the war was on.


The outnumbered officers lost the fight pretty badly:


But even if they were easily outmatched by these little snowball masters, the officers just wanted to have a good time with their fellow citizens:

“We just want to have fun with them and let them know we are here to have fun with them,” Russo told Inside Edition. “It’s a snow day. If you want to have a snowball fight, don’t be afraid to throw a snowball fight.


And then they did something even more inspiring.

During the snowball fight, the officers noticed that some of their young opponents weren’t wearing proper snow gear:

“We noticed one of the kids had blue plastic surgical gloves,” Daughtry said. “We got out of the car and we asked them, ‘Where are your gloves at?’ and the kid said they didn’t have any.”


So they bought all the kids new gloves!


The officers went to a store and bought a bag of new snow gloves for the kids and handed them out.

“The kids were happy—the mom was grateful,” Russo said.

“It was priceless. They were all so happy.”

One of the kids is seen hugging an officer in gratitude:


The kids would be able to continue to have their snowball fight without freezing their hands—but the officers hope their gesture will leave an even more lasting impression on the kids.

“One of the kids said, ‘I just want to be like you guys,’ because they saw us having fun,” Daughtry told Inside Edition.

Watch the video below: