Mother cat and kittens found in boxes at animal rescue center, but then they discover ‘mom’ has a secret

August 9, 2017 12:58 am Last Updated: August 9, 2017 12:58 am

Two cardboard boxes wrapped in duct tape and punched all over with tiny holes greeted Margie Morris, an employee at the Project Purr Animal Rescue in Mobile, Alabama one morning.

Needless to say, they were unexpected but welcomed.

For me?

Upon opening them, Margie found two kittens and one adult female cat in one of the boxes. Immediately, Morris affectionately dubbed the kittens with their new names, Shilo and Neil, while giving the sweet name of Caroline to the adult cat. Caroline, it was assumed, was the mother of the two kittens.

The second box was open and completely empty, making Margie wonder if some other felines had made an escape.

Welcome to people who care!

“We set up a little bed and a little kennel for her to keep them safe,” said Margie in an interview with Honest To Paws. “We’re giving Caroline extra cat food with vitamins.”

Cute family!

Caroline nursed Shilo and Niel and watched over them as any good momma cat would.

“As small as they are, the kittens will play, and they’re wrestling each other and jumping around, and they cuddle up next to the mom,” said Margie. “She loves them, and she’s taking very good care of them.”

The speculation about where the feline trio came from and by whom still remained, but there were no answers. Although not an uncommon occurrence for many shelters, it’s always disheartening to see animals abandoned and treated in such a way.

Plot twist!

The following day, Caroline stunned the animal rescue staff members when she suddenly went into labor, and soon gave birth to four healthy kittens!

Like a dramatic television soap opera, this revelation was obvious proof that Caroline was NOT the mother of the boxed-up kittens after all!  Shilo and Niel were step-kittens at best!

It takes a village.

Biological kittens or not, Caroline was now fully committed. Not only did she immediately begin to care for her blood-related kittens, she was she not about to abandon her adopted kids, either!

“I’m just grateful that she didn’t run away and leave the babies,” said Morris. “I think that might be the best thing I love about that cat, she did not leave her babies.”

A mother’s love.

The story didn’t end there. Just two short two nights after Shilo, Niel, and Caroline had arrived, another batch of abandoned kittens was left in a box at the shelter!

Thank you for what you do!

Margie and her animal rescue staff deserve our kudos for rescuing these precious animals. Without the commitment and dedication that her team, like many others all around the world, there was a good chance that they may not have survived.


Source: ‘Mom’ Cat Dumped Outside A Shelter With Her Kittens Isn’t What She Appears To Be from Honest To Paws.