Mom is trying to teach daughter that cops are there to help when officer demonstrates it in person

"This really moved me to tears because there is so much negativity about police officers"
July 11, 2018 5:54 pm Last Updated: July 11, 2018 5:54 pm

Police officers are trained to help us no matter the situation. Whether it’s an emergency, or just a simple request, we know we can trust them should we need it.

And that’s what Cindy Frederick wanted to show to her daughter.

Posted by Cindy Frederick on Monday, March 26, 2018

In early July 2018, Frederick, her husband, and their twin daughters took a trip to the Discovery Place Museum in North Carolina.

This trip turned into an eventful one, as the couple’s autistic daughter, Shealyn, became lost in the museum at one point. One can imagine how scary that could’ve been for the girl.

During dinner time at a barbecue restaurant, the mother witnessed some police officers coming in to eat, and she saw this as the perfect opportunity to help her daughter.

Frederick wanted her to know that she always has someone watching her back in the form of a cop, especially if the girl finds herself lost again.

“She has to know there are safe people out there,” Frederick told Fox News.

At this point, Frederick asked one of the police officers to take a picture with her daughter, so that she could become comfortable around them.

And the officer looked more than happy to oblige.

(Facebook / Cindy Frederick)

The mother got what she wanted, even if Shealyn didn’t look too thrilled in the picture. But what happened next showed the true character of the officers in the restaurant.

When the Frederick family went to go pay the bill, they discovered that it had already been paid.

It was the officers who paid for the dinner, and they had already left by the time the Frederick family realized what happened.

This touched Frederick to the point where she posted about the situation on Facebook.

Another beautiful moment today. These police officers were sitting next to us at the restaurant and He was so kind to…

Posted by Cindy Frederick on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The post reached over 2,300 likes, showing that others resonated with this story.

“This really moved me to tears because there is so much negativity about police officers,” Frederick said in the post.

All the cop was asked to do was take a picture, and yet, he and his friends went above and beyond for these people they didn’t even know.

“Charlotte is doing something right in training their officers,” Frederick said.

If there was one way to show Shealyn that cops are here to help, then this was surely it.