Military family finally find dog who jumped the fence & disappeared after thunderstorm scared it off

"We are a military family stationed in Alabama. We are set to leave soon and we can’t imagine leaving without our sweet girl. We have three children who are absolutely heartbroken."
July 1, 2018 8:14 pm Last Updated: July 1, 2018 8:14 pm

Sunny Florida is known for its wonderfully warm weather and pristine coastlines. But many would be surprised to find how many thunderstorms the summer weather brings.

As countless dog owners know, thunderstorms and their little pups don’t mix well. Many dogs become distressed by the booming sounds of thunder and can exhibit a-typical behavior as a result.

Elizabeth Arredondo’s dog, Daisy, went missing in Jacksonville, Florida, during a thunderstorm.

Arredondo, her husband, and their three kids were in Las Vegas and away from home at the time of Daisy’s disappearance. She entrusted her father-in-law to look after their precious pooch in their absence.

It was an innocent mistake, with Daisy only being let outside with the intention of her using the bathroom. But the frightened pooch hopped the fence and quickly disappeared from sight.

When word got back to Arredondo, she and her family were heartbroken. Rather than give up, she took to social media to alert the community and ask them to be on the lookout for her.

“We have lost our sweet puppy. We are in Vegas and got a phone call that she has jumped the fence and is currently missing,” Arredondo said on Facebook.

“Our family is heart broken. She was staying with family near 103rd. Her name is Daisy she has on a red collar and is microchipped. Please keep an eye out for her.”

Daisy was missing for five days, but Arredondo didn’t lose hope.

As time rolled on, the chances of finding Daisy decreased. She was a family pet, and they worried how long she’d be able to survive on the streets on her own.

To make matters worse, the military family would soon be leaving town for an extended period of time. If they weren’t able to track her down soon, they would be forced to bid a bitter farewell.

“We are back (In Jacksonville) and have been searching since we got back. She has still not been found,” Arredondo said to Action Jax News.

“We are a military family stationed in Alabama. We are set to leave soon and we can’t imagine leaving without our sweet girl. We have three children who are absolutely heartbroken.”

Arredondo was hopeful she’d get Daisy back, as the pup had been microchipped and was wearing her collar when she went missing. On June 5, she started getting alerts from members of the community who’d spotted Daisy on the roads.

Daisy was found behind a medical building on June 7. Her family picked her up.

After several reports that Daisy had been spotted in the area, Arredondo finally got a concrete tip of where she could find her dog. Across the street from a Publix supermarket, Daisy had fallen into a pond behind a medical building.

Daisy was pulled out of the pond by a member of Animal Care and Protective Services. After giving her a once over, she was finally able to rejoin her family.

“The update I’ve been wanting to give! Daisy has been found and is home safe! She’s getting plenty of love and rest! Thank you everyone for your help and efforts! We couldn’t have done it without you guys!” Arredondo said.

With he family finally all back together, they can go where the winds blow them without feeling like they’re leaving one of their own, behind. Arredondo thanked everyone for their support in the search for Daisy, and she’s happy to have her pup home.

Daisy is home and safe

Posted by Elizabeth Arredondo on Thursday, June 7, 2018