Man marries woman who stopped him from committing suicide 10 years earlier

August 30, 2017 2:02 pm Last Updated: August 30, 2017 2:02 pm


When 13-year-old Kevin Walsh attended summer camp, he had no idea the girl who told him that the color black looked good on him would have such a huge impact on his life.

Four years later, Walsh was 17 years old, a senior in high school, when he planned to end everything. In a post he shared on Quora, he wrote that he encountered “some dumb high school stuff,” which led to depression. He felt that he had nothing left to live for, so he wrote a note and went to a place where he planned to take his own life.

“Somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds before I would have committed suicide, my phone rang,” Walsh wrote.

Walsh was ready to commit suicide until he received a phone call out of the blue.

Rather than let the phone ring and potentially never know who called him, he decided to pick it up.

“I thought, if there’s a semblance of eternity, I cannot spend it wondering who was on the other end of that phone call,” Walsh told PEOPLE. “When I picked up and heard the voice, I knew it was her.”

The person on the phone was the girl, Blake, who he had met at a camp four years earlier.

When Blake and Kevin were 13 years old they crossed paths at a bible summer camp in Michigan. The two met while at an archery range and the first thing that Blake said to Kevin was, “Black is a good color on you.”

The two teens met at a summer camp and kept in touch over the years.

Blake and Kevin exchanged AIM screennames and continued talking to each other even after they left camp. Somewhere down the road they lost touch and only occasionally would message each other. Prior to the seemingly random phone call, the two hadn’t spoken in a year.

But on the day Kevin planned to end his life, he received a call from Blake. The two briefly caught up and Kevin confessed his intentions to Blake.

“Long story short, she pried, I spilled the beans and she talked me out of it. I mean she literally said ‘What? Don’t do that,'” Kevin wrote.

Blake was able to talk Kevin out of committing suicide.

After promising to call her the following day, the two hung up, then Kevin got to work. He started writing down his thoughts in a journal, and little did he know that about a decade later he’d use those words for something very special.

“I get goosebumps every single time I talk about it,” Blake told InsideEdition about the phone call.

Over the years Kevin and Blake continued to live their separate lives, although according to PEOPLE they remained in contact with each other, despite the occasional jealous partner. When Blake was going through a rough breakup, Kevin was there to comfort her, and during that time he confessed his feelings for her. The feelings were mutual.

They eventually started dating.

In April 2016, while Blake accompanied Kevin on a business trip to Switzerland, Kevin popped the question. And though the background was absolutely picturesque, it was what Kevin said and did that was the best part.

Kevin used the words he wrote in his journal after Blake talked him out of committing suicide to propose and he presented her with a black diamond, a symbol of the way they first met.

On September 17, 2016 the couple got married.

Only a few months later, Blake and Kevin got married.

While Kevin credits the unexpected phone call from Blake for saving his life, Blake remembers things a little differently, and it wasn’t until after the couple was married they found this out. She remembered Kevin reaching out to her.

“I think both of our recollections are true,” Blake told PEOPLE. “A force must have intervened to connect us and make it happen.”

After a chance encounter more than a decade earlier, the two are happily married.

No matter who reached out to who, all that matters is that Kevin found someone who would listen and give him encouragement.

The couple, who will celebrate their first wedding anniversary this September, hopes those who feel depressed will take the time to reach out and talk to family or friends or whoever they can find.

“I think there is something to be said for speaking something out loud,” Kevin told PEOPLE. “To talk to somebody, and to give somebody the opportunity to care about you, is something that could save your life.”

If you or someone you know may be contemplating suicide call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.