Man films touching moment between his dog and the garbage man with a hidden camera

October 17, 2017 3:11 am Last Updated: October 17, 2017 3:00 pm

Sometimes, it really is about the simple things in life.

Joshua Byrne is a self-described dog lover and family man who has an affinity for sharing the beauty in life through his camera. One day he caught the sweetest interaction between his dog and the garbage man.

A Sentimental Simple Snippet

Byrne rescued a lovable Golden Retriever named Shelby and gave her a forever home, and soon he realized she had a special friendship with the garbage collector, who visited twice a week.

The dog owner then decided to secretly record the encounter, and almost 7 million people have watched this touching moment!

Right In Front Of Our Nose!

“Every week the garbage man takes time to see my pup and say hi. Who said that nice people are hard to find?” Byrne shared in the caption of this video.

The truck pulls up, garbage guy comes out of the cab, the coolest dog in the world trots over to him, and the two exchange a moment of love. Ahh … now doesn’t that feel good?

It’s A Daily Dose Of Happiness

Byrne wants us to see how this uncomplicated, transparent daily habit of exchanged love is easy to find—if we just remember to look for it!

Watch the video below:


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