Lady quickly gives 2 bags to SWAT officer and flees. After opening bags the cop runs to find her

October 31, 2017 2:40 pm Last Updated: October 31, 2017 2:40 pm

This SWAT team officer received a package from a woman while he was on duty, and it just made his day! Despite much news of hatred and racial divide across the country, this lady didn’t “see race;” rather, she complimented him for keeping the community safe.

On Aug. 9, SWAT team officer Michael Wayne from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was sitting in his police car with the window down when a woman nervously approached him just before his shift was about the end.

The woman handed him two Walmart bags and asked him to take them before hastily walking away. Wayne didn’t have time to ask for her name.

©Facebook | Michael Wayne


Wayne looked through the bags and found two bananas, one apple, one orange, a liter of Coke, 1.5 liters of water, and a huge sandwich, along with a handwritten note scribbled on the back of a receipt.

“The note thanked me for choosing to be who I am and said that her 10 year old son Rashad wanted to be a SWAT Officer one day,” shared Wayne in a Facebook post.

©Facebook | Michael Wayne

Wayne went looking for the woman right after reading the note, and found her in a parking lot. He learned that her name was Shameka Batiste.

Wayne told Batiste that he had been a SWAT team member for almost nine years and that he would love to meet her son, Rashad.

After promising to bring Rashad for a visit, Batiste explained how she teaches her children “not see the color of someone’s skin but to see them as a person and that all people are the same.”

©Facebook | Michael Wayne

Wayne was touched. In a country where issues of racial division are a constant plague, Batiste didn’t “see race” in Wayne; instead, “… she saw a man, a son, and a father doing a job that her 10 year old son wants to do one day,” Wayne added.

The conversation ended with hugs and thanks.

©Facebook | Michael Wayne

A few days later, Wayne met up with Batiste’s son, Rashad. The little boy gifted Wayne with two bundt cakes, which he had been selling at $4 apiece for his charity, “Baby Bears Bundts,” in order to raise money to help people in need.

Rashad refused to receive the $8 payment for the two cakes, so Wayne donated $40 instead.

Wayne also gave Rashad a star badge to wear.

“Love over hate……,” Wayne wrote in another Facebook post.

©Facebook | Michael Wayne


“The entire world needs to be this open, receptive and generous of spirit,” commented one Facebook user after reading Wayne’s post.

“Why can’t ALL people be like this amazing woman and officer? There is so much hate in the world. Praying for ALL law enforcement,” another person wrote.