Strangers see man brought to tears as he threw out a memento from his daughter — then their post looking for him goes viral

August 29, 2017 5:54 pm Last Updated: October 8, 2017 12:24 pm

A sparkling snow globe is an enchanting sight, especially for a child. It’s a perfect present to both give and receive, especially around the winter holiday season. As the swirling flakes settle down to the base, coating the scene encapsulated within the globe, it evokes the serenity and peacefulness that appears when everything is blanketed in the clean white snow. Some contain precious mementos. It can therefore be heartbreaking to be parted from such a beautiful object.

Here is a story of a man who lost a special snow globe at the airport due to security restrictions and gave up all hope of ever being reunited with it.

Michael Moore was traveling by air to Ohio. He was at the Florida airport having his baggage inspected at the security checkpoint, when the security staff forbade him from carrying his snow globe with him. They explained the laws as to why even a cherished globe could not pass through the checkpoint.

The snow globe was a prized, personalized gift for Moore’s daughter from her grandparents. This gift was to celebrate and honor a special point in the little girl’s life. Katie was being adopted by Moore.

Bewildered and feeling bereft, Moore implored the staff to permit him to leave the orb in a lost and found area rather then hurling it into the trash can, but the officers would not empathize with him. The heartbroken father had no choice but to cast it into the trash, though it was beyond his comprehension as to how such an inoffensive souvenir could pose a danger to the security of the plane.

Unbeknown to him, strangers were witnessing this distressing episode from a distance while they waited for their departure to be announced. Marveling at the preciousness of the item, one of the strangers retrieved it from the garbage can.

The snow globe sparkled vividly and engraved were the words “We love you Katie” “from Nana and Papa, 1/25/16.” The stranger Ivelise Amarri Hernandez immediately understood the worth of the item, knowing how this could be treasured by Katie. She vowed to return it to its rightful owner.

As soon as she returned home, Hernandez posted the details of the episode on social media hoping to discover the owner. She recounted to Fox 13 News that she thought her post would be shared a few hundred times but she was surprised to see the numbers going up.

After the post had been shared almost 50,000 times, the message was viewed by the executive of the company Things Remembered, which had designed the snow globe. The executive was positive that she could uncover the name of the owner in her record of sales.

The employee was able to identify Linda Modry as the buyer and helped Hernandez to connect with Modry. Hernandez was jubilant to return the special keepsake to Linda Modry who was Katie’s Nana.

Modry arrived at Hernandez’s home in Tampa. “It was raining when I picked it up and it was a good thing because we were all crying,” Modry told the Associated Press.

Modry explained that this snow globe had a special meaning for her granddaughter Katie because January 25 marked a special milestone in her life. She was being adopted by her son on that day.

Modry was overcome with happiness and couldn’t believe that a complete stranger would be so concerned with the distress of the father and would take such great steps to restore the silver orb back to the family.

According to Modry her granddaughter had been distraught when the globe hadn’t reached her. Modry was euphoric to be reunited with the treasured orb. She said that she and her husband would travel themselves with the globe properly packaged to present it to their granddaughter.

Hernandez is proud to have gone to such great lengths. She knew she was doing the right thing. She said, “My mom always raised us to always be good to people. If it was me and I lost my snow globe, I’d want the same thing to happen to me.”