Homeless woman living in a shelter, but when she’s given a job—her true colors come out

January 18, 2018 9:51 am Last Updated: January 18, 2018 9:51 am

There was a point in Stacey Spiehler’s life where she was in a very rough spot. In 2015 things had fallen apart to the point that she was homeless and forced to live in shelters or her friends’ couches. Everything seemed to be on a downward spiral and Spiehler felt lost and confused and didn’t know what she was going to do with herself.

Spiehler was scared for her future.

Leading up to her predicament, Spiehler’s life wasn’t that bad. Living in New Orleans, she was married and was working as a server on a cruise ship.

Spiehler loved being a server, even working as one as a teenager.  

Eventually welcoming a son with her husband, Spiehler parted ways with her job to work as a stay-at-home mother. Their son, Ace, is autistic and was born with cerebral palsy and required full-time attention from Spiehler.

It was at this point that Spiehler’s downward spiral began.

“[In 2015] I went through a really big personal life change,” Spiehler explained to Clarion Ledger. “I became addicted to drugs and alcohol. My husband and I separated in a pretty dramatic way, and I was forced to leave my home and my son.”

“Being homeless will make you take nothing for granted again.”

Left without a home, Speihler spent months simply trying to survive. Having lost everything, she decided to pick up the pieces of her life and try and put something back together.

But her rough past was still following her.

“I felt for a long while like nobody loved me, but they did,” Spiehler shared. “The problem was I didn’t love myself.”

“I was killing myself with every drug and every drop of alcohol I was putting into my body.”

Eventually deciding to get professional help, Spiehler went into rehab to take some time to get clean. Eight months later, she left the facility determined to make things work.

Spiehler went back to work at a restaurant she’d began at while homeless. She started to become renowned locally for her work-ethic and serving talents.

Her life was finally starting to show some hopeful signs, and she even got to see her son every so often.

“My ex-husband is my best friend, and we do everything we can to co-parent and make Ace’s life as easy as possible,” Spiehler went on to say.

“Ace has a huge support system, and my ex-husband is one of the biggest parts of that.”

Equating her waiting tables career to saving her life, Spiehler has always put her best efforts into her work. And her passion and drive has since even been rewarded by being named the best server by many in her local town. 

Happy with the success she’s been having, Spiehler is looking to the future excited for what’s still yet to come.

Learn more about Spiehler and her journey below.