His students were addicted to flipping water bottles, but their teacher is the true master

July 12, 2017 2:30 pm Last Updated: July 12, 2017 2:30 pm



Remember the bottle flipping craze? Kids would try to flip plastic water bottles and land them upright. Experienced flippers would even try some trick shots. It was a fad that peaked late last year and faded a bit in popularity since. Which means it’s the perfect time for the teachers to get in on the action!

Now it’s the teachers’ turn

Teachers like Nathan Marshall revealed to his sixth grade class his mastery of the art of bottle flipping. Last month, at the end of the school year, he debuted a genuinely impressive (and hilariously dorky) compilation of bottle flip trick shots:

And the funniest (and cruelest) part? He started this project right after banning his students from bottle flipping in his classroom. Way to troll, Mr. Marshall.

“By November the kids still couldn’t resist the urge to flip the water bottles on their desks at the most inopportune times,” he explained in a FAQ section with the video that he posted on his Youtube channel. But ever the cool teacher, he does mention he “tried to meet the kids halfway on this one” by incorporating the popular fad into math and science lessons.

If you think the classroom ban was bad, imagine the kids finding out their teacher had beat them at their own game. Seriously, the guy has made it an art form.

Not only has he perfected the traditional bottle flip with ease…

…he’s taken on advanced-level tricks like landing on the bottle cap:

And when that wasn’t enough, he took his skills to new heights by building a tower out of flipped bottles:

The video has since gone viral – which is impressive, considering bottle flipping has sort of run its course as a meme.

But Marshall is well aware that he’s late to the party.

“Most of the clips were filmed between Christmas break and January,” he explained. “So I’ve been sitting on the footage for a while. As a teacher working with students who jump on countless trends that rise and fall throughout the year, irrelevance became part of the joke.”

For good measure, he threw in some other aging memes to spice up the video, from classics like “deal with it” and troll face to modern favorites like dabbing:

You might ask yourself why this grown man would waste so much time perfecting a kids’ fad, but at the same time it’s clear that he’s worked practice in to his daily life and hobbies.

From spending time with family…

…to activities like drumming and basketball…

…he’s managed to work bottle spinning into his schedule in surprisingly clever ways (but not in the classroom, kids.)

While it would’ve been funny to see the students’ reactions to the video, Marshall made a respectable move by omitting that part to protect the kids’ privacy and “because the comments section is rarely a kind place.”

Well, we can’t wait to see what Mr. Marshall does next. Presumably by September he’ll be ready to show his new class some sweet fidget spinner tricks.