Woman driving down highway when the craziest thing flies into her window—hits her in the face

October 4, 2017 4:06 pm Last Updated: October 4, 2017 8:01 pm

The following is a story shared with Love What Matters. The person who it happened to said it’s “too dumb to make up” and we couldn’t agree more. While it’s bound to give you a bit of a chuckle, it also acts as a reminder of how dangerous and illegal it is to throw something out of a car window.

Shannon Nöelle Hallay was driving down a highway with her windows down at what she estimated was 60 mph when a large truck “ya know, the ones that fling rocks and crack windshields” passed her.

While driving down a highway, Hallay was stunned when an object from a truck hit her.

(Photo by paul.comstock, CC BY 2.0)

As the truck passed her Hallay noticed something fly through her car window.

The unidentified object flew through her open window and grazed the top of her cheek. She wrote that it was a good thing she was wearing sunglasses or else it’s possible the object could have hit her eyes.

“I could only assume it was a rock or at least a piece of wood,” Hallay wrote.

After striking Hallay in the face, the object landed on the floor of the passenger side of the car.

(Facebook/Shannon Nöelle Hallay)

Still unsure what the object was she reached over—when she eventually stopped her car—and picked it up. It was hard and round and did not look like a piece of wood.

“Upon further observation, I thought it was a chicken nugget, but no, it was indeed a HASH BROWN,” she wrote on Facebook. “It was as hard as a rock, which is probably why it got thrown in the first place.”

The hash brown left a small scrape on her cheek, but besides that she and her car were fine.

(Facebook/Shannon Nöelle Hallay)

In her post, Hallay had three takeaways from her bizarre incident:

1. Do not throw things out the window please. You could actually hurt someone.
2. Hashbrowns traveling at roughly 60 mph can leave abrasions on the face

Another reason not to throw anything out of a car window is that it is illegal and in states like Massachusetts it comes with a hefty fine for repeat offenders and in New Hampshire the offender may have their license suspended for up to a week.

So while Hallay’s story is one very crazy story that we can all now laugh about, it does serve as an important reminder. Don’t throw your trash out of a car window!

“The hash slinging slasher is real man.”