Woman was ‘bothered’ by what girl asked at bus stop—but what she gave her afterwards went viral

September 25, 2017 3:40 pm Last Updated: November 20, 2017 2:40 pm

Kinley Crenshaw was at a concert at the local downtown theater with a friend, but after the concert ended—it was crowded and freezing. Kinley got completely separated from her friend, who had all her important belongings in her purse.

Suddenly, she had no money, no keys, no phone, and no way home. To make matters worse, she was in nothing but a tank top in 21-degree weather.

She decided to start walking to the nearest bus stop, but she was getting some unwanted attention. Random people were approaching her, trying to talk to her. She tried to be friendly and not get nervous.

Near the bus stop, someone overheard her asking people which bus she should take.

“It started to bother me,” said Felicia Glover-Richmond.

She and her boyfriend had just left a restaurant and were walking a friend to the bus when she saw Kinley, shivering in the bitter weather.

“I’m a mother, I’m a grandmother. This girl don’t have no coat,” she remembered. She knew something was wrong. “We’ve got to do something.”

Felicia approached Kinley, and then, without missing a beat, literally took the coat off her back and put it on the girl.

She and her boyfriend waited until Kinley made it onto the right bus and then pleaded with the bus driver to help out this girl, to make sure she got home safely—and he did.

“I’m so thankful that she was at the bus stop because if she wasn’t, the story could have gone a completely different way,” Kinley said.

Kinley, touched by the gesture, asked Felicia for her name and wrote it down on her hand so she wouldn’t forget. But after she returned home, she realized she had no way to find this woman again to thank her for her kindness.

“I need everyone’s help,” she instead wrote to her local news station. “This is a sheer act of genuine goodness in Richmond and I need to find this woman!”

“It was crazy! It just completely blew up,” Kinley remembered.  People were sharing it, saying “Please help this girl find Felicia, her guardian angel.”

Her message was shared to the NBC Facebook page, and after making the rounds, Felicia was found. Through the news station’s “Acts of Kindness” program, Kinley was also able to give Felicia a gift.

Felicia was delighted to see Kinley again—the two went out for lunch, and Kinley returned her coat.

“You think of everybody first,” Kinley said. But then she had something to give her: $300 to pay it forward.

“Oh no, no,” Felicia said, completely shocked.

Felicia had worked at a meter maid downtown for years, and had seen a lot of people in heartwrenching situations, just because they had somehow fallen down on their luck. “You have to help everybody,” she said.

Watch her inspiring interview below: